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-"Where to?", Zayn asked everyone.

It was my mum, Perrie's mum, Leigh's mum, Jesy's mum, Perrie's brother, Leigh's sister, Harry, Zayn, and us; Little Mix.

-"Let's go to Locanda Locatelli! I already made a reservation", Perrie's mum said.

-"But isn't it an extremely fine and expensive restaurant?", I asked. It's an Italian restaurant; very fine and exquisite.

-"We have to celebrate don't we?", she said.

We all agreed. After all, she had made a reservation already.

We walked out and greeted fans and went straight into the vans.

I went in the van with my mum, Harry, Jesy and Jesy's mum.

-"I'm still shocked", I said, laughing and placing my head between my hands.

-"I'm not surprised! You were amazing", Jesy's mum, Janis, said.

-"Jade, and your dad?", Jesy asked.

Oh. I haven't realized.

-"He's not here", I shrugged.

-"I noticed. But why didn't he come?", she smiled.

-"He left us", I simply said. She nodded.

I've never quite talked to her about my dad. Neither did she. We knew that we both didn't like the "father" business, so we never talked about it.

-"What about you dad Jess?", I asked.

Her smile slightly fell, but she quickly switched it with a fake one.

-"He... couldn't come", she said.

-"Why not?", I asked her. Jesy looked down at her knee and joined her hands onto her laps.

-"It's nothing really", Janis smiled sympathetically, grabbing Jesy's hands.

I nodded. How bad could it be? It's not like he died or anything.

We arrived at the restaurant and the driver opened the car door for us.

My mum and Janis climbed down, conversing about something. Harry awkwardly followed me, helping me get down of the car by grabbing my waist.

-"I'll tell you later", Jesy whispered into my ear once we were off the van.

I nodded at her, and gave her a warm smile.

I wonder what happened with her dad?

I saw the rest getting down of their vans.

We got in the restaurant and took a sit on a long table.

The waitress asked for our food and we ordered everything.

-"This place is lovely", my mum said.

Janis nodded and smiled at Perrie's mum who gave the idea of going to that magnificent restaurant.

Everyone started to talk separately. Zayn with Harry, Perrie with her mum, Leigh with her sister, my mum with Janis, etc.

-"So... Are you okay with telling me or do you need more time?", I asked Jesy.

She thought for a minute and smiled at me.

-"Okay, I'll tell you. Well... my dad murdered a person when he was just 20", she said. I gasped.

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