♥ALOHA! Well, I already chose the puppy's name and the winner is... @LittleGrande2613 (I thought the name was adorable and for that, I'm following her) !!!!!! Well, I loved ALL the names! My faves were: Rufus, Rue, Boobear, Jarry, Bo, Jake (I LOVE ADVENTURE TIME UURGH), etc. and I loved @AsianLovePanda 's comment haha.♥

-"Its name is...", I was about to say untill the dog pooped on Harry (and while it did that I realized the puppy was a male, not a female).

-"Noooooo", he said.

-"Hahaha! You know what? I think I'm going to call it Poopey", I said.

-"That's okay for me but we should leave before my shirt rots", he said.

We went back to our apartment, showered Poopey and Harry took a shower too while I sprayed the house with perfume (Harry's shir infected the whole place with dog poop smell).

-"Okay Poopey, I should get you a nickname... How about Poo, or Poopsey?", I asked the puppy who stared at me like he didn't understand anything.

-"Fine Poopey, if you don't like that name then fine", I played.

-"Jade are you speaking to the dog?", Harry giggled. I blushed.

-"Yeah, I was bored and- HARRY WHAT THE FUCK", I said, after I saw him naked.

-"What", he naturally said.

-"Put your clothes on RIGHT NOW PLEASE", I said.

-"Fine, but I like being naked", he said.

-"I feel uncomfortable", I said.

-"Poopey seems to enjoy it", he said. I slightly turned around and saw Poopey shaking his tail as he saw Harry standing naked.

-"Harry you bought a gay puppy!", I laughed.

-"I did?!", he said.

-"Go dress up", I said.

-"Okay, okay", he said.

After a while, Harry cam out of the room wearing one of my dresses.

-"Harry what are you doing?!", I said, laughing while rlling on the floor.

-"You said 'dress up' didn't you?", he said.

-"I meant 'put some clothes on' not 'dress up' like, actually put a dress on silly!", I laughed. Poopey ran around shaking his tail.

-"Fine!", he laughed and went to change.


-"Look what I got", Harry said, coming in the apartment with supermarket bags and all that. I helped him.

-"What did you get", I asked.

-"A pink beanie for you", he said, giving me a beanie.

-"Harry oh my God thank you so much, you didn't have to!", I said.

-"You're welcome Jade and I also got something for Poopey", he said, taking something out of his pocket.

-"What is it?", I asked.

-"A collar/whatever-you-call-them that says Poopey on a little poop", he said, showing me it.

It actually had a poop printed on it, and Poopey written on it.

-"Harry this is so cute!", I said, giggling.

-"Poopey will love it", he said.

Later, we went to the park and played with Poopey. Then we went to have an icecream. Then I listened to Harry rehearsing. Then we watched a movie about dogs with Poopey.

It was a fun night!

I seriously love my life now.

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