♥Hello :) So, someone asked me if this story was about to end; no, don't you worry my little pony :3 Oh well, there was something I really wanted to tell you uuurghh.... Nyah, I'm going to tell you when I remember okay :) enjoy~♥

[Harry's POV]

-"WHAA!", I shrieked when I saw a blue creature that happened to be Jade's hair.

-"What?!", she said.

Oh my goodness... What did I do yesterday? Why am I sleeping with Jade? Why do I stink like vodka?

-"Jade, tell me why I'm sleeping with you.", I said.

-"Just that the boys fell asleep and I suggested the girls and Liam to stay for the night and there wasn't enough space so I had to sleep with you", she said, blushing.

-"Oh, I thought..."

-"No, Harry. Chill.", she chuckled nervously.

-"UUURRRMMMMFFFF!!!!!", we heard from the bathroom.

-"I think that's Zayn", Jade said.

{Jade's POV}

-"I think that's Zayn", I said.

[A/N: GUYS I REMEMBERED! hahah, I'll tell you at the end]

We ran to the bathroom and saw Zayn sitting on the tub rubbing his back.

-"Zayn are you okay?", Harry asked.

-"Urrmf, my back hurts... This tub is definitely not comfy", he said.

-"Guys! Help me!", I heard Eleanor say.

We ran to my room where Eleanor and Louis were asleep.

-"Help Louis please", Eleanor said, showing us Louis.

He was stuck. Under the bed.

-"Louis was sleeping under the bed, I told him to come out, he did and now he's stuck. I can't get him out!", Eleanor said.

-"Okay, I'll lift the bed up and you two pull him out", Harry said.

We could finally take him out. Then we realized he got stuck in there because of his huge bum.


Everyone left and Harry and I were ordering the house (they did help).

-"Jade, why is my hand full of scars?", Harry asked.

-"Go figure it out yourself", I said, pointing at the bathroom.

-"Oh boy!", Harry said.

-"Yup!", I said.

-"Why did I do this?", Harry said.

-"Supposedly, your reflection was trying to take me away from you", I said.

-"Oh my God... I can't remember", he said.

-"It must have hurt a lot because I saw you cry", I said. He blushed.

-"Jade, where's Poopey?", Harry asked.

-"Oh he's... Wait, where is he", I said.

-"No. I think he ran away when the boys left", Harry said.

-"No!", I said.

We ran down the staira (we live on the second floor, we use the stairs plus the stairway door is always opened).

-"Poopey!", I said, grabbing him from a guy's arms.

-"Thank you so much", I told him.

-"You're welcome precious", he said.

-"Hey, I know you! You're the guy I saw that day right?", I said.

-"Yes, I'm Joe", he said, winking at me.

Wait. That Joe, my neighbour, the brunette with brown eyes; and this Joe, the blonde, the blue eyed...

-"...Joe?", I said.

-"Hello Jade", he said.

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