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I woke up because of the sunlight that was burning my eyes.

I yawned like a hippo and tried to sit up straight, but I couldn't.

I looked down at my waist and realized Harry had his arm wrapped around my body.

I couldn't help but smile!

I stayed there for a while with Harry's strong, tattooed arm wrapped around me.

Then I heard Harry yawning.

I slightly turned around and found his sleepy face.

-"Goodmorning beautiful", he said.

-"Goodmorning babyboy", I said, flipping around and facing him.

-"How did you sleep?", he asked.

-"Fine! I had no nightmares. And I slept better with these around me", I said, pointing at his arms.

He smiled at me, planted a kiss on my lips and closed his eyelids again.

He stayed like that. Eyes closed and dimples showing.

-"Harry you are so irresistible", I said. He opened his eyes and laughed. Then hee slowly stood up.

-"I'll go make breakfast okay babygirl", he said.

-"I'll help", I said.

-"No, you are not fully healthy yet. You stay here, princess.", he said.

-"...Alright", I said.

I leaned down and looked at the window.

The sun was so bright... I had to go close the curtains.

I stood up and pulled the curtains into the middle, but before that, I realized I could see a lot from there. I could see a park, a minimarket, another park, a cycling road (if that's what you call it), and the concrete street.

I smiled after seeing the children playing and swinging on the tiny swings, and right then, I felt myself being pushed.

-"Oh, hey Poopey!", I said.

He waggled his tale.

-"How are you little puppa?", I said with my weird, pitchy voice.

[A/N: have you seen xFactor USA lately? Pau Pau saying "pitchy"? bahaha ok adiós muah]

-"I'm good how are you?", Poopey said.

Wait what?

I looked up and noticed Harry.

-"Harry I got scared! I thought Poopey spoke to me!", I said.

He just laughed.

-"Breakfast is ready", he said, coming to me and hugging me from the back.

-"What did you cook?", I asked him.

-"I put some of your favourite biscuits around pancakes", he said.

-"Thank you", I said, kising his cheek.

I sat down and picked up the fork. Then I licked my lips. I am a good morning eater!

-"This looks great", I said.

-"I hope it tastes great", Harry said, cutting a piece of his pancakes.

I did the same and shove the piece into my mouth.

-"Wow! You're such an amazing cheff!", I said, after swallowing.

-"Thank you", he said, smiling.

Once we were done eating, we started washing the dishes.

I washed them, Harry dried them.

-"That was fast!", I said, when we were done.

-"Yes!", he said.

We sat down on the sofa and opened the laptop.

-"Look, four missed calls from skype", I said.

-"It was your mum. We should call her", Harry said, pointing at the missed calls.

-"Yes", I said.

We pressed the call button and waited.

Actually, we didn't really have to wait since she immediately picked up.

-"Hi mummy!", I said.

-"Hello Jade! Hello Audrey!", she said.

-"It's Harry", Harry giggled.

-"Oh! I'm so sorry Harry! All my life thinking your name was Audrey!", my mum said.

-"How are you mum?", I asked.

-"I'm good, I miss you a lot though!", she said.

-"I miss you too... When we win the X Factor, I will go visit you okay?", I said.

-"Okay... And Jade, you were so good! I loved your performance! And Harry! I have a poster of you in my wall and I was confused because it said Harry in the poster and I thought your name was Audrey!", she laughed. Harry laughed too.

-"Mummy, look", I said, showing her my ring.

-"Oh my. Oh wow. Jade, Haudrey!", she said.

-"Harry mum!", I laughed.

-"Harry, I mean!", she said.

-"You two are engaged! Oh my goodness!", she said, excited.

-"Can I take a picture?", she asked.

-"Sure", Harry said.

-"Oh! Let me look for the camera!", she said.

I giggled.

-"Your mum is so sweet", Harry said.

-"Hehe, that's where I came from", I said, smiling at him.

-"Smile!", my mum suddenly said.

-"There you go!", she said, taking the picture.

-"Beautiful... I can't wait to be a grandmother", she said.

I pouted my lips and widened my eyes.

-"Mummy!", I said.

-"Oh! Sorry!", she said, laughing.

-"Alright mum", I said.

-"Alright babygirl. Have a nice time you two, and call em more often please", she said.

-"Okay mummy. Love you and miss you", I said.

-"Love you and miss you too Jade", she said.

-"Bye mummy", I said.

-"Bye bye Jade and Harry", she said, hanging up.

I smiled at Harry and closed the laptop.

-"I love you", he suddenly said.

-"I love you too", I chuckled.

Then Poopey barked.

-"What's wrong Poopey?", I said.

He kept on barking at the window.

-"Poopey what's wro..... AAAAW", I said.

There was a sweet little kitty on the window!

But if I opened the window... It would fall!

-"Harry, look!", I said. He came in the room and saw the kitty.

-"How did he get there!", he said.

-"I don't know, but if we open the window it will fall", I said, desperately.

-"We have to make a plan, somehow!", he said.

We have to save the kitty!

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