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[Stuart's POV]

-"So how long have you been together?", Jade asked, taking a bite of her pink-sprinkled donut.

-"We've been together for... A day", I gulped.

-"A day?", Jade asked, raising an eyebrow.

-"We've been friends since we met in the university. We ended up expressing our feelings to eachother, and that happened just a while ago", Eve said. Relief flooded over me.

-"Oh. That's so sweet", Jade said.

-"Yeah", she said.

-"So, Celinne. What are you studying right now?", Jade asked.

-"I'm studying to become a psychologist. My dream has been to help people with problems, so I'm studying to become a proffessional psychologist", she said.

-"That's great! How is it going?", Jade asked.

-"Oh, it's going great. I'm the deepest and logical thinker in my class so I'm doing perfectly fine. So far so good", Eve smiled.

-"Wow. I'm jelous of your wise mind and your so-planned future. I was a mess with my career untill I got the luck to join such an awesome band", Jade giggled. Her giggle is so... No Stuart. You sound creepy.

-"Thank you, I'm jelous of your talent", Eve said. They both talked to eachother and there were moments in which I sweared Eve was going to tell Jade about this whole Eve/Celinne thing, but Eve was smart enough to keep the secret.

-"I think I need to go now. Shall we meet up another day?", Eve said, standing up.

-"I'd love to", Jade said, standig up as well.

I followed them and stood up.

-"I paid for the drinks and the donuts already", Jade said when she saw me taking out the wallet from my pocket.

-"We'll invite the next time", Eve said.

-"Okay, alright. Do you have a ride home?", Jade asked.

-"Yeah, I have my car parked outside. I'll see you soon okay?", Eve said.

-"Bye Celinne. It was great meeting you", Jade said.

-"Bye Stu", Eve said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I blushed as she walked away and waved at us.

Her brown, wavy curls bouncing as she took each step.

-"Shall we go?", I asked.

-"Sure", Jade said.

We went out and rain drops were just starting to fall. We walked towards my car and got in. I started the car and did a U turn to go back.

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