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-"Danielle", Liam said, calling his girlfriend.

-"What's wrong? Why do you sound so worried?", she said (she was up.on speaker).

-"The boys and I are trapped in a ride", he said.

-"Ahem! There's a girl over here too!", I said.

-"Oh, and Jade. One of the boys' girlfriend.", Liam said, glancing at me with an are-you-happy-now? face.

-"Liam, be careful", she said.

-"I'm perfectly okay, just wanted to tell you that I wa here, you kno-... *CRASH*!", Liam's phone fell to te ground and broke into trillions of pieces and people just freaked at the noise and the sudden flying cellphone that fell fom the sky.

-"Uh oh", Liam said.

-"Liaaaaam!", Louis said.

-"Nooo, my phoooone!", he said.

-"Sorry man", Harry said.

-"My hands were sweaty and my phone just slipped over my hand!", Liam said.

-"Calm down", Zayn said.

-"Ugh...", Liam said.


-"Liam!", a brunette said, when she saw us getting off the ride.

Niall shaking, Zayn sleepy, Harry with me, me with Harry, Louis jumping of excitement and Liam breathing heavily.

-"Danielle!", Liam said, hugging her.

-"Oh my God, when I heard the crash I thought something happened to you, it was like such a loud crush and people frowning", Danielle said, kissing every part of his face as if she was his mother.

-"I'm okay Dani", he said, kissing her cheek.

-"Hi", she said, waving at us with a smile.

-"He's Louis, he's Zayn, he's Niall, he's Harry and she is Harry's girlfriend, Jade", Liam said.

We all greeted.

-"Hello, nice to meet you", I said.

-"Hi, I'm Danielle Peazer, future Mrs. Payne", she giggled, whispering the last part. I giggled.

Then I noticed Zayn, about to cry.


We were having icecreams.

-"Zayn, what flavour?", Harry asked.

-"I don't want icecream", he said.

-"Are you sure?", Harry asked.

-"Yes", Zayn said.

-"Jade, what flavour?", Harry asked me.

-"I'm just going to take away from yours", I said.

-"Okay", he chuckled.

-"Hey, I'm going to talk to Zayn about Perrie okay", I whispered ino Harry's ear. He shivered.

-"Okay, but don't you dare whisper on my ear again, you make me shiver", he said, whispering in my ear and making me shiver this time.

-"Fine", I smirked.

I walked up to where Zayn was, sitting on a bench.

-"Hey", I said.

-"Hey", he said.

-"Zayn, you can't stop thinming of Perrie right?", I asked.

-"She's the first one I ever really fot to actually love", he said.

-"If that's what you feel, destiny will somehow get you back together. You know, you will always, always, always can get back together", [A/N: AHAHA SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!] I said.

-"You make me feel a lot better", he said.

-"Good", I said, patting his hug.

-"Do you think she still thinks of me? What if she got another man", he said.

-"No, Perrie is not that type! One girly night we were gossiping and she said you were her crush from the very beginning. Whenever she thought of you she dropped saliva all around. Her love face is priceless", I giggled.

He giggled too.

-"Can I get a hug?", he asked.

-"Come here!", I said and wrapped him into a hug.

-"Okay, how about you go get an icecream too?", I asked.

-"Sure", he said, helping me up.

I walked up to where Harry was. He noticed Zayn's smile.

-"Good job babe", he said.

-"Thanks", I said, flipping my hair and having a huge bite of Harry's icecream...


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