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-"Sam", I squeaked, forcing and choking that word out.

We were looking at eachother. We were out of words.

It was too awkward. and uncomfortable and irritating.

-"You... You are... You look nice", he said, breaking the silence.

-"Yeah, I mean.. Thanks", I said. All I wanted to do was run away or "cut his ballsacks off with a spoon", and I had to choose the first option.

-"I gotta go", I looked down and walked away, but was interrupted by a grip around my wrist.

Thankfully, my wrists were alright and the scars were fading.

-"Wait", he said.

-"Sam?", the blue eyed girl I saw in the bathroom said.

We both looked at her.

-"Chloe", he said, letting go of my wrist.

-"Is everything alright?", she asked.

-"Yeah, I came to see why you were taking so long", he said, walking up to her and pulling her into his chest.

Of course they're dating.

-"She is a band member of a famous band!", the girl, who apparently was called Chloe, cheered.

-"Yeah, I know her", he said. Suddenly, it all hit me like a wrecking ball.

Oh, now he knows me. I remember that day, at school.

I don't know you.

-"Oh, now you know me? At school you seemed to despise me a lot", I said, and walked away leaving Chloe dazzled.

I walked up to the table and took a seat, sighing.

-"Is everything alright?", Harry asked as I pulled my chair inwards.

-"Yea", I shrugged.

-"I know you enough to see that everything is not alright babe", he said, smiling at me. He looks too sympathetic, it kills me the way he looks at me; so lovingly.

-"Nothing wrong, everything's good", I said.

-"Okay.. But are you alright with your stomach? What took you so long? You look a bit pale", he said.

I do?

-"I just washed my hands, don't worry", I said, smiling and grabbing his hand.

I licked my lips as I saw the steamy food arriving.

-"I'm starving", I told myself, and got a smile from Harry and a kiss on the cheek.

-"You're cute", he whispered as his lips left my cheek.

I giggled and let the waitress place my plate infront of me.

The rest is not important. We all ate without saying a word. Maybe we were too excited to even think about our own starving stomach.

-"Wow that was good", I sighed.

I was satisfied, and it seemed like everyone was satisfied too.

-"I'm tired", Leigh said.

-"Yeah, me too. We worked all day restlessly and I think we deserve some rest and a nice nap", Perrie said.

-"Let's pay and go", Zayn suggested, hanging his arm around Perrie so dearly and tangling his fingers into hers.

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