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{Perrie's POV}

-"Jade, are you okay?!", Jesy asked, worried and furious. Of course she already knew who did this.

-"Yes", Jade said between breaths. Her mascara was all damaged because of the sweat and tears.

-"Where's Leigh-Anne?", Dylan asked.

I looked around and didn't find Leigh-Anne. Where did she....

-"Stay with Jade. Leigh-Anne!", I said, running to the gym (where prom was happening).

I got to the entrance and saw Leigh covering her mouth with her hand and staring at something, furiously and scared.

-"What are you looking at?", I said. I looked into the direction in which Leigh was looking.

What I saw was Harry Styles.

Kissing Tasha Hanks.

-"Oh my God", I gasped, covering my mouth with my hand too.

-"What's wrong?", someone said, touching my shoulder. I turned around and saw Jade.


-"Uh", she said, with the saddest face I have ever seen in my life. She already saw them kissing.

-"Jade I'm sorry", I said, hugging her.

-"That's it.", Leigh said nodding.

She walked up to Tasha, separated the kiss pulling Tasha's hair, she slapped her face VERY hard (maybe too hard) and even made Tasha fall to the ground.

Thaaat's my buddyyy!

-"Aaaaaay!", Tasha squealed, still on the floor.

Harry looked extremely confused.

-"That's what you get for kissing Jade's boyfriend!", Leigh-Anne said.

Then, she kicked Tasha really hard.

-"And that's what you get for what you did to my friend!", Leigh said.

Tasha cried. People were staring at us in silence. Harry was cleaning his lips with his sleeves.

-"You, Styles, let's see what's going to happen. Oh, by the way. I've always wanted to tell you something, Tasha. This is for what you've done to my friends and others. Rot in hell sassy, fat, fucking bitch. You're a mistake.", Leigh said.


Everyone was shocked. Leigh took a deep breath of satisfaction and smiled. Then she turned to Jade and put a worried face.

-"Jade, everything alright?", Leigh said.

-"You rule", Jade smiled and gave Leigh-Anne a huge, weak hug.


{Jade's, I mean, Amelia's, I mean, JADE'S POV! meh}

-"Jade!", a male voice said at my back.

-"Harry", I said. Jesy was pulling my arm for us to go.

I think Harry was included on this plan. Remember? He said something like "I'm not going to prom with you if that's what you wanted to ask". He just wanted me to look bad.

-"Please, let's talk", he said.

-"How about... No.", I said, turning around.

-"Jade, please. Two minutes", he said, grabbing my arm.

-"Ah.... Wait for me Jesy? I'll be right there", I said.

-"Okay", Jesy said, glaring at Harry.

-"What", I said.

-"Listen babe"

-"Don't call me babe Harry! Are you stupid?", I said.

-"Sorry. Jade. Listen, Tasha told me you used me. I'm sure that's a lie because I see that you are well dressed and all that. You were going to come. Tell me where you were", he said. Eh? What is he talking about. Well dressed?

-"I was in the laundry room, trapped with no oxygen. Okay Hazz, bye", I said, turning around.

-"Wait, what were you doing in the laundry room?", he asked, grabbing my arm.

-"I don't know, I walked in to school and fainted and woke up there I have no idea!", I said.

-"Was it Tasha?", he asked.

-"I. Don't. Know. Why don't you go ask her? Talking to her must be easy after having mouth contact really closely with her", I said, crossing my arms.

-"What was the last thing you remember before you fainted?", he asked.

-"Tasha was coming close to me. You know, I really have to go", I said.

-"Jade she lied to me. She's crazy", he said.

-"Jade!", the kiosko guy, who apparently was called Mike, said from the car.

-"Goodnight Harry", I said, opening the car door.

Mike and Jesy drove me home.

What am I going to tell mum now?

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