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-"So what were you going to tell me?", Jesy asked.

-"Oh. Well, Maya Ray told me something.", I started.

-"Who?", Jesy said.

-"Maya Ray", I said.

-"Maya Ray? The pregnant one?", Jesy said, surprised.

-"Yes", I said.

-"Why the hell would she talk to you?! I mean, don't get me wrong...", she said.

-"I know, it's weird but she told me something no one knows. You can't tell anyone, please", I said.

-"I promise.", she said, curious.

-"So, remember you told me that Allen Gray was the father?", I said.


-"Well. The father was actually Mr. Torres, the spanish teacher.", I said.

-"THA FAHK?! Are you serious?!", she gasped.

-"Whoa, you don't have to swear lady", I laughed.

-"Oh my God", she whispered.

-"I know... She hooked up with a teacher", I said.

-"Don't blame her. I mean, you also said your teacher crush was Mr. Torres", Jesy said.

-"Fine... But seriously, what was he thinking? Building up a pregnant teenager is absolutely not right", I said.

-"You're right. Wow"


I was having lunch with Leigh, Jesy and Perrie and Harry was winking at me all the time. Too ridiculously cute.

-"Gosh, he looks so adorable", I said.

-"I know, he's been winking and smiling at you the whole time", Perrie giggled.

-"Wow, I still cannot believe he is going to go to prom with me", I said.

-"You deserved that girl!", Leigh smiled.

-"Thanks", I smiled back.

-"Jade, you know people are beginning to not-bully you?", Jesy said.

-"Yes... It's weird, people don't make fun of me when I fall on gym class. Well, of course they laugh but they don't yell nasty things at me", I admitted.

-"I like that bow", Stephanie said, walking past our table with her lunch and passing her hand on my bowtie I was wearing on my head.

-"What the fuck", I said after she left.

-"Did she just say she liked your bow?", Leigh said.

-"Yes... I don't get it", I said.

-"You're popular now", Perrie smiled.

-"It's no use... School is going to end in a week", I said.

-"Take advantage of it then", Jesy said.

-"Ah.... I'll try to", I mumbled.

-"Hi Jade", Tasha said. Weird.

-"Hello", I said.

-"Are you done with your lunch?", she asked smiling.

-"Um... Yes", I said.

-"Perfect. Come here", she said, shinning her perfect white teeth.

She looks so flawless with her white tanktop and her blue-short skirt. Her blonde, straight hair and her perfect Barbie look.

-"Listen. I'm sorry about the other day. You deserve Harry, he's lucky to have you and you're lucky to have him", she said.

-"Thanks", I said.

-"Let's have lunch together tomorrow?", she asked.

-"Um....", remember Jade. Jesy said "take advantge of it".

-"Okay", I said.

-"Great. Chao, muah-muah!", Tasha said, waving at me with her fingers. So weird and nasty.

She must think she's in a pathetic movie, specifically Mean Girls.


(Next day; lunch time)

-"Hi Jade!", Tasha called.

-"Oh, hey", I said, while Jesy, Perrie and Leigh stared at me like 'what-the-hell-is-happening'.

-"Come on!", Tasha said, followed by a bunch of girls who wanted to have beauty tips from her.

I gave a last glance at my friends and walked at Tasha's direction.

-"Hi Jadey", Tasha said. Seriously? Jadey?

-"Hello", I said.

-"You know my besties right? Daphnee and Heather", Tasha said, while the girls were waving at me with her fingers. All of them as pretty as Tasha.

Why does this somehow look like a part of a movie?

-"Hi", I said.

-"Jade, why don't you show us your friends?", Tasha asked.

-"Oh", I said and called my friends. They looked confused.

-"She's Jesy"

-"I know her", Tasha said, smiling in disgust. Why the hell would she do that?

-"Yeah. Um, she is Perrie", I said.

-"Who's the other girl?", Tasha asked, ignoring Perrie. Probably because she's jelous.

-"She's Leigh-Anne", I said.

-"When did you come to school?", Tasha asked.

Leigh-Anne just rolled her eyes.

-"Anyway. Come Jade, let's have lunch together", Tasha said.

-"Okay", I shrugged.


-"So like three guys asked me if they wanted to go to prom with me. I rejected all of them and seriously, I was feeling so over the top!", I told Perrie, Leigh and Jesy.

-"Wow Jade. You sound like one of them. Now back to the normal Jade, please?", Leigh snapped.

-"What are you talking about tontita?", I giggled.

-"What the fuck does tontita mean", Leigh said. Perrie tried to calm her down.

-"Ay nothing", I rolled my eyes. I don't get it, I'm the normal Jade. What is she talking about.

-"Anyway. You're having lunch with us tomorrow right?", Jesy said.

-"No, Daphnee is going to give me a tip for soft toe nails", I said.

-"That's pathetic!", Leigh-Anne said.

-"Jade, don't be stupid. Can't you remember? She said she had a plan!", Jesy said.

-"Ay shut up!", I said, stomping away.

Ugh, I guess I'm going back to my new friends: Tasha, Daphnee and Heather.

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