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{Jade's POV}

I got my favourite suitcase out; ribbons printed on it with suspenders and inner padding with wings drawn on it.

I put clothes in it (the most important):

My white hoodie with "Happy girls are the prettiest" printed on it, my jeans, my jean-shorts, my pyjama shorts, my pyjama pants, my suspenders, my leggins, my four tanktops, my long sleeved shirts, socks, jacket, scarf, bikini, underwears, etc etc etc.

Then I put some accessories in:

Ribbons, earrings, bracelets, etc.

Then I put shoes:

My favourite boots, my UGGS, my Converce, flip-flops, sport shoes, two high heels.

Yes! They all perfectly fit in there!

Then I got my hand bag out (quite big). White with purple ribbon on it.

I put my makeup, my plane tickets (and all those important things), my hairband (ribbon), my favourite book Slide [A/N: it's actually my favourite book, it's awesome so go find it and read it, it's eve better than the Hunger Games sorry not sorry], my laptop, chargers, and my earphones.

-"Are you done Jade?", mum asked.

-"Yes", I smiled.

-"Jade are you sure?", she asked.

-"Yes, mummy", I said.

-"I'm going to miss you, a lot", she said.

-"I'm going to miss you more mum", I said and wrapped her into a hug.

-"I love you sweetheart", she said.

-"I love you too mummy", I said.


-"Wake up Jade, he's coming in an hour", my mum said.

I got up and saw my cellphone. 6:00am. SERIOUSLY?! That's way too early for me

Well, he's coming in an hour, it takes us 30 minute to get to the airport and 30 minutes to do stuff there. We have to get in the plane at 8:10am.

-"Get ready babygirl, I'll make you breakfast", she said. I smiled.

I stripped my clothes off and got in the shower.

"BRRRRRRAAAAGHH!!!!" I yelled.

-"What's wrong Jade?!", mum said.

-"Nothing! I'm fine! The water was freezing!", I said.

-"Ay Jade. I almost got a heart attack!", she laughed.

I took the shower with warm water. I wrapped myself in the towel, came out of the bathroom and got my clothes on.

Leggins with stretchy, cute shorts, tank top and sweater. It was not that cold outside, besides, it was a squeeky little bit warm.

I put mascara, soft lipstick and a ribbon on.

-"Jade! Breakfast!", mum said.


-"My baby is leaving", mum said, with her eyes getting wet.

-"Mummy.... I'll miss you so much", I said.

-"I'll miss you too babygirl", she said, hugging me.

-"Call me, everyday at night okay? Call me when you arrive there.", she said.

-"I will mummy", I said.

It was hard to say goodbye, but I finally teared apart from her.


-"I'm excited", I said.

-"Me too", he said.

-"Passengers for flight to Holmes Chapel must be in line withing five minutes. Section 4B", the airplane-woman-worker-whatever said.

-"Harry, let me go to the bathroom", I said.

-"Go, I'll hold you this", he said, holding my bag out.

-"Wait, let me take my phone", I said.

-"Why?", he asked.

-"Usually, I get lost or I take too long in the bathroom so yeah", I said.

-"Okay, go", he said.

I walked into the bathroom. I entered a stall. I sat on the toilet and heard something fall on the water. Was that........ poop?

I curiously looked.

Oh crap.

Oh no.

No, no, no, NO!

My phoooone!

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