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♥Helloooo loololooong!

Guys the Jade Thirlwall kik account was REAL who made her delete it omg.

Anywoo I missed you people so much

I saw a comment that asked if there could be SEX in the story.

I'm not that kind of person who writes graphic sex okay, if that bothers you there are trillions of stories about sex slaves all over wattpad. Go read that.

If I really needed to write about that, I would jump the whole scene and just say that she did it, really.

Okee dokee,

Hope you like this one! Bye guyseees♥

-"I can't believe it", I said.

-"This is a lovely surprise isn't it?", Tasha smiled. This is becoming too scary now, she's a psycho!

-"Will you leave this house before I take this too serious?", Harry said, already frustrated.

-"Now", I said.

-"You two are not polite. You should be inviting us instead to have tea, not chasing us out", Tasha said.

-"Get out of my fucking house, now!", I said, making the most outrageous action. I don't even know how to explain it. I was scared and confused, and angry of course.

-"Okay, but remember this was just my first visit. I'll come more often", Tasha said, smiling and widening her red, blue, psycho eyes.

She walked out, moving her butt from right to left. Joe followed her.

-"Who is that guy?", Harry said.

-"Joe.. Remember him? The one who stalked me", I sighed.

-"I'm sorry babygirl", Harry said, hugging me and pulling me closer into his chest.

-"Harry, I want to move", I said.

-"But my mum was going to come visit us in a month we can't just move", he said.

-"I'm not sure if I'll feel as comfortable and safe as before", I said.

-"Please handle it for a few months. I promise we'll move far away", he said.

-"I'll try", I said.

-"You know, I have your phone here", he said. He made distance, grabbed my hand and walked into the room. He opened a drawer and took a box. I saw an iPhone.

-"Harry oh my God", I said.

-"I hope this keeps us together somehow", he said.

-"Yes", I smiled.

I wrapped my arms around Harry and kissed his cheek.

-"Thank you", I whispered.

He was the most caring person I ever met (my mummy and the girls are always an exception).

-"Jade I'll order some things over here and you go rest. I bet the flight was exhausting", he said.

-"No, I'll help", I said.

-"No, really. You stay here, check out your phone, take some sleep, and I'll clean up the mess. It's an order", he said.

-"Okay, but if you need help tell me", I said.

-"Okay", he said, kissing my forehead.

I lifted up the blanket and threw it on the couch (the thought of Joe or Tasha touching it made me shiver).

I layed down and started to admire my phone, and suddenly I heard inspiring words from Harry that came from the kitchen.

-"Holly shit this is a mess", he groaned.

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