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-"What do we dooo", I groaned, desperately.

-"I don't know... How did that kitty get here?", Harry said.

-"That's what I'm trying to desipher!", I said.

-"Maybe we can... Push it down and grab him from the apartment that is right under us?", he suggested.

-"What if we don't grab the kitty and it falls  six floors down to the cold, hard ground?", I said.

[A/N: "now I'm lying on the cold hard ground, AAH!"  ugh sorry. By the way, they live on the 7th floor]

-"It won't happen Jade", he said.

-"Let's try to think of another plan please", I said.

-"Alright...", he said.

-"How about we make a whole on the glass?", I said.

-"Don't be ridiculous! We are not spies trying to get the huge diamond from a museum", Harry laughed.

-"You're right, you're right... Me and my imagination are fantastic", I said.

-"Yup", he said.

-"Hm...", I said.

-"Can we try our plan?", Harry said.

-"It's not a trying thing Hazz, it's a do it or not thing. If we fail the first time, there won't be a second time", I said.

-"Let's give it a shot", he said.

I made an insecure face.

-"Ummm...... Fine", I said.

-"Okay. I'll go downstairs and ask our kind-of neighbours if I could go in to save a kitty. You will listen through the window when I call, okay?", he said.

-"Okay! Now let's save the kitty!", I said, pointing at the window.

In which there was no kitty.

-"GAAAH!!!", I screamed.

-"WHERE THE FUCK DID IT GO?!", Harry said, freaking out.

The doorbell rang.

-"I'll go", I said.

I walked to the door thinking of the poor little cat.

I opened the door with a sorrowful face.

-"Hi! Excuse me, is this your cat?", a guy said.

-"Yes!", I said.

It wasn't really my cat, but it was the cat that was trapped on our window.

-"I heard some meow's and I looked out the window and right then I saw the kitty falling down so I catched it, thankfully", he said.

-"Thank you so much!", I said, hugging him.

I don't know why I was feeling so happy. The kitty was saved! I don't know why I was so glad it didn't die... It wasn't even my cat. But it was precious. And it almost died and it's safe in our hands now.

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