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HEYHEYHEY guys I knooow Tyler Oakley is gay (and fabulous) but in my story he is straight and stands for Stuart.

And it's my story so no fuck-face can go around telling me no shit, plus I'm almost as fabulous as Beyoncé so your bitchy argument is invalid. You know who you are.

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-"This place is wonderful", the brunette, short girl said, walking in and admiring the apartment.

-"Thanks", I said.

I removed the blanket from the sofa and scooted over so they could take a sit.

-"Isn't it a bit late? You could have come earlier when this place looked a bit cleaner and I looked a bit descent", I chuckled.

-"You're perfect with and without makeup", the other brunette (but taller) said.

-"You have no idea of how monstrous I looked earlier", I said, making them giggle.

I handed them plates and offered them pizza.

-"What are your names?", I asked while they were taking bites their slices.

-"I'm Dana", the blonde one said.

-"I'm Irene", the short one said.

-"I'm Sara, like the one from your band", the tall one said. It took a second for me to remembered the pink haired, gorgeous doll who was supposed to be in our band.

-"We're four now", I said.

They stared for a minute and Sara widened her eyes.

-"Oh my, I'm sorry I didn't remember", she said, covering her mouth and her eyes watering.

-"Oh it's okay. You're just as gorgeous as her by the way", I complimented.

-"Thank you", she said, covering her mouth with her hands and vibrating in her seat. So cute.

-"I can't believe I'm here. You're definitely the nicest person on Earth", Irene said.

-"Thank you, you're really nice too. All of you are sunshines", I said, clapping my hands together and giggling.

They squealed and vibrated. They looked like hiper squirrels.

Irene's phone rang in her pocket and she picked up.

-"Oh mum, please?", she begged after hearing a voice roaring from the phone.

-"Mum, we are with Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix!", she said.

-"I won't do it again mum, I swear", she snarled.

-"Mum", she groaned.

After some argues, she hung up.

-"Everything alright?", I asked.

-"Um... I was grounded for a week and now that I ran away from home she grounded me for three months", she sighed.

-"You ran away? Who brought you here?", I asked.

-"Taxi. And then we realized we didn't have money left", Sara said.

-"Oh my... Your parents must be worried, you shouldn't do this", I said.

-"Yeah, but my parents would have never let us come", Dana said.

-"You could have convinced them", I said, shrugging.

-"You don't know our parents. I already talked about it with my my parents and they thought maybe some psycho killer lived here and they would kidnap us", Sara said.

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