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♥Hii :) It's been soooo long cupcakes. Your ass looks cute today, if noone told you.

So sorry for the late update. So much has been going on... The next one will not take so long, I promise.

I hope this kinda different chapter is worth it. I have writer's block, it ain't fun.


[Jade's POV]

The performance at the radio station was awesome, and so was the performance at the mall.

Who would have thought that people were so nice? So many unexpected fans, wow.

...Or maybe they just knew Harry and Zayn wouod be there. Oh well.

-"You're amazing", Harry said, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

-"No, I feel embarrassed when you see me perform", I admitted.

-"Why?", he asked.

-"I feel like I just don't do it well", I mumbled.

-"Babygirl you do it great.", he said, stepping infront of me and leaning down to pat my head.

-"I'd do the same to you if I were taller", I huffed.

-"I would not date you if you were taller", he said, grabbing my hand again and walking.

-"Why?", I asked.

-"Because you would not be you. And I like you", he said.

-"You only like me?", I asked.

-"No, I love you and want you and need you.", he said.

-"Good", I said, smiling and biting my lower lip.

-"Do you like me?", he asked.

-"Of course, why?", I asked.

-"I mean, I'm sorry if I am saying anything wrong, but I feel like I am always making the mistakes here and telling you that I love you and stuff", he mumbled.

-"I also make mistakes big boy, and I love you more", I said.

-"You're so simple", he mumbled again.

-"Harry", I said, frowning.

-"I'm sorry. I just always tell you how amazing you are, which you really are. It's not that I want to hear compliments all the time but I sometimes feel like you don't love me back", he said, sternly.

-"Are we seriously discussing this? I love you Harry, I really do. You see, I was not the one who got a lap dance while being away from her fiancee", I said, and regretted it immediately.

He stopped walking and stared at me.

-"Excuse me? I interrupted the tour to come back and stay with you for a while. I apologized, I supported and helped you", he said. He didn't seem angry, but offended and upset.

He let go of my hand and fixed his hair. What really made my heart drop was when I realized he fixed his perfect hair just to sneak away from my hand. He shoved both of his hands into his pockets.

-"I'm sorry", I said.

-"If you only knew how worried I was about you being alone around Stuart, and Joe. And all the guys around our apartment", he said.

-"They are not a problem", I said.

-"They are, to me at least. I hate to see you around other guys, okay? I do get jealous, but I let you breathe. I just let it go and believe that you love me", he said, still walking but a bit faster.

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