I paid my lunch and gathered my things. Harry had already left after a long goodbye, and I was preparing myself to meet up with Stu.

Why would he lie to me? Who the hell is Eve and how did he lie to me about Celinne? Is he cheating on her with this Eve girl?

After all of my mixed up thoughts, the drive home was fast. I parked the car and went to the park, to find Stuart and Celinne sitting on a bench.

-"Hey", I greeted when they spotted me and waved their hands.

-"How are you Jade?", Celinne asked.

-"I'm fine", I replied, smiling at her.

 -"So... Stuart told you?", she questioned.

-"He just told me about a person named Eve, and that the whole Celinne thing was a lie?", I mumbled.

-"I see... Well, I will tell you the truth okay?", she said. I nodded and prepared myself for whatever that was to come.

-"My name is not Celinne, it's Eve. That time when we met up at Dunkin' Donuts; Stuart was not my boyfriend, just a project partner. One thing lead to another and... Yeah", she confessed.

-"But why the hell would you lie to me about that Stuart? I thought we were like, bestfriends?", I said. Suddenly, I saw a bright light flash behind the fountain nearby.

That's when I spotted a paparazzi.

-"Hey!", I yelled. He ran and got into a black van.

-"I just wanted to ask how his day was.. Anyway. Why Stuart?", I complained.

-"I know, I'm sorry alright? As Eve said, one thing lead to another", he babbled.

-"Just tell me. Why the hell did you lie to me", I inquired.

-"Because he liked you!", Eve spat. Stuart slapped his face with his hand and left it there, turning around and shaking his head.

-"I uh.. That's...", I mumbled. So Stuart actually did like me.

-"Jade I'm sorry. I was an idiot who was trying the cliché way of making you jealous to have you. It's so stupid", he explained.

-"Shut up, okay? That's fine, there's absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything is fine now. It's perfect", I said, calming down.

-"I'm glad, I guess", Eve said. I sighed and awkwardly rocked on my heels.

-"I think I need to go. My band needs me", I informed. It was a lie, but I realy needed my friends anyway.

-"Sure", they answered.

-"I'm so happy for you two", I said. They thanked and I waved at them.

I made my way back to the parking lot and into the car.

I sat on the driver's seat and stared blankly at my laps. That's when it hit me.

Things are getting better. I have it proven; Harry loves me. No doubt.

Joe is out of my life. Tasha has learned her lesson. My friends are happy. All my razors are gone, including my all time razor-buddy that I carried in my purse.

I have somehow moved on. My mum has no more worries. I have moved on from Sam, who is now with that kinky Chloe bitch.

My dad... I need to go fix some things with my dad. Discover why the hell he left us.

That's all I have left to do.


-"Thanks for coming girlies", I said to them. We were at the same café Leigh used to work at, same shop but different place.

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