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-"Thanks for having us", I told Nelly.

-"My pleasure", she said, even though I knew she didn't mean it.

-"Bye Jade", Stuart said.

-"Bye, Stuart. Come visit us whenever you want", I said.

-"You too!", he said.

-"Bye", Harry said.

We were now on our way back to our apartment.

-"I see something in Stuart", Harry said once we got in the elevator.

-"What do you mean?"

-"I mean... He looks at you with such a weird face", he said.

-"He was listening to me, the way you listen to me Harry", I said.

-"But I swear he had that kind of look you should only be allowed to get by me.", he said, narrowing his eyebrows and pouting his lips.

-"I don't care about him, I know he'll never look at me the way you do", I said.

He smiled widely, showing his teeth and as if it was a tooth paste TV commercial, there was a "ding!" from the elevator.

We went down and Harry opened the apartment door.

-"Hey, by the way. Do you know why the hell Tasha pushed us into Stuart's house?", Harry asked.

-"No idea, but I should try to call her or something", I said.

-"Yeh, that would be good because I'm pretty confused", he said.

-"It's complicated having me as a girlfriend right Hazz?", I asked.

-"It's worth it", he said, grabbing me by the waist and pulling me into him.

-"You are so cheesy", I said.

-"Shut up and kiss me", he said, making that little sentence sound like something absolutely tit-popping and sexy.

I stood up on my toes and he leaned down (since he is as tall as a skyscraper) and I planted a short kiss on his thin, puffy lips.

-"That's all you get for now babyboy", I said, leaving him anxious.

-"Oh come on Jade!", he groaned like a little child, making me giggle.

-"You are adorable", I said, going over to him and messing up his curls.

Later, I went up to my phone and checked if I had Tasha's contact while watching TV and sitting down on the sofa.

-"Damn it", I said.

Why did I even try? How could I seriously have her phone number?

-"What's wrong?", Harry asked, coming up frim behind me and leaning down to kiss my cheek.

-"I don't have Tasha as a contact", I said.

-"Oh", he said.

Right then, on the news, there was the thng I was waiting for.

-"...Harry Styles' girlfriend Jade Thrilwall threw up on a paparazzi!...", the woman on the TV said.

-"No ho ho hoooo!", I cried.

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