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I yawned loudly and let my habd fall to the side. I noticed the spot was empty, so I sat up and rubbed my eyes with my palms.

Where did Tasha go?

-"Tasha?", I called.

Suddenly, the sound of pans and cutleries falling to the ground crashed through the apartment.

I heard Tasha shriek, and goosebumps started to rise on my skin.

I quickly grabbed the lamp beside me and carried it as self defence.

I cautiously walked towards the kitchen.

Is it Joe?

I gulped and took a deep breath before I jumped into the kitchen and almost threw the lamp across the room.

-"Jesus Jade! I almost jumped out of my skin!", Tasha said, falling onto her bum.

-"I'm sorry! I thought Joe had come or something", I said.

-"No, I was looking for the pans because I wanted to cook breakfast for you. I'm sorry if I woke you up with the noise", she said, picking up some forks from the floor.

-"No, I was awake before this happened. Let me help", I said. I grabbed a pan and some knives.

-"Damn it", she whispered.

-"What?", I asked. I looked at her arm and there was a long cut on it.

-"Oh my, what happened?", I asked.

-"I think one of those knives fell on my arm. It's funny because I didn't feel anything", she said, standing up and turning to the sink.

I switched on the valve for her and cold water poured down her cut arm.

-"It hurts", she said.

-"It must", I said. I gently rubbed her cut with my fingers and slightly put preasure on it.

Blood was spilling down. Enough of blood, it's driving me sick!

-"They're gone", Tasha whispered.

-"What?", I asked.

-"Your scars, they're almost gone. They look like wrinkles, they look natural", she said.

I glanced at my wrist. She was right.

-"Maybe these scars are forming part of me now", I said, smiling.

-"It must have hurt so bad", she said.

-"Nah... At first, yes. But later, the pain of it drowned me out of my depression. I realized, though, that these didn't take me anywhere, they couldn't. I cut more and more and all they did was hurt me. Why would I want to hurt myself after all the pain I had already suffered? I should just stand infront of the mirror and look at the inner and outer strength and beauty", I said.

-"You're amazing", she said. I softly blushed and thanked her.

-"I wish I hadn't done all those things to you. I was a living nightmare, a true monster", she said, little droplets falling off of her light-blue eyes.

-"It's the past, and letting go of the past is the first step to happiness", I said.

She switched off the sink since her cut stopped bleeding as much.

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