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-"Are you going to prom?", I asked Leigh.

-"Yes" she smiled.

-"Who are you going with?", Perrie asked.

-"No one for now... Actually, I don't think anyone really knows me so I bet I'm going by myself. You know, I don't want to miss it", she said.

-"Same with us", Jesy smiled.

-"Cool", Leigh smiled.

-"So, would you like to order something first?", she asked.

-"Yes! What's your favourite drink here? I mean, what's the best you've got?", I asked.

-"If you want something cold, I would order a Banana Smoothie. If you want something hot, I would order the Vanilla Capuccino", Leigh-Anne said.

We all ordered and, again, sat down to chat.

-"The other day, we were talking about who we would invite to prom.", Perrie said.

-"Really?", Leigh said, smiling.

-"Yup. I said I would invite the guy from the kiosko", Jesy giggled.

-"Great choice, he IS super cute. I saw him flirting with you that day", Leigh-Anne said, winking at Jesy.

-"I said I would invite Zayn", Perrie blushed.

-"I heard he had a crush on you! Well, everyone does", Leigh-Anne said.

-"Wow", Perrie whispered.

-"I said I would invite Harry Styles", I said. I know, he is one class younger than me but we can invite anyone.

-"You know the whole school is laughing at that Harry Styles guy saying he actually thinks you are pretty? He's a heart breaker, he rejected about 5,047,286,282 girls that asked him to go to prom", Leigh-Anne said.

-"Really? H-How do you know s-so much!", I said, shocked.

-"I'm almost invisible. I get to know anything whenever I want", she said, sighing.

-"That's great... So, who would you invite Leigh?", I asked, taking a sip from my Banana Smoothie.

-"I would probably invite my partner Dylan", she blushed, secretly pointing at a brunette guy.

-"Let's do something. We all invite the ones we want to invite, just to let our feelings flow. It doesn't matter anyway, we are totally leaving school in only two weeks", Jesy said.

-"That's an amazing idea... But we are going to see them again in the streets or anything, you know... How embarrassing", Leigh-Anne said.

-"Whatever, when we see them we are going to obviously be better than them. It's going to be embarrassing for THEM.", Jesy said, confident.

-"Deal?", she lastly said.


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