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Remember, you might be 10, 14 or 18 years old and have bad days but if you put your life onto a scale you'll see that the years you have lived are not even the half of your entire lifetime.

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Finally, the warmth I was so longing to recieve flooded back into me. I didn't care if it was a dream or not, I was going to enjoy it.

I hummed and wrapped my arms around his waist as hard as I could.

-"I am so, so sorry babygirl... So sorry", his husky voice said, sliding his hand through my hair repeatedly.

I pressed my face into his chest and let the tears fall free out of my eyes. His white shirt was wet, and his tattoos were marking through. I leaned my head onto his muscly torso and traced my fingers through the butterfly patterns.

-"I was dying without you", he said. Is he crying?

I looked up and admired his flawless features; his soulful, teary eyes staring down at mine.

-"Your hair is damp", was all that came through my mouth.

He let out a  chuckle and kissed my forehead.

My heart was beating fast and my body was weak for some reason, as if I was actually having a panic attack inside.

Without a word, I pulled him into the apartment and grabbed my sweater.

I gently rubbed it against his loose curls while standing on my tip-toes and realized, this was no dream.

[Harry's POV]

Her gentle touch was all I needed to know that she had forgiven me.

She was attempting to dry my hair with her sweater. My babygirl looked so cute... So perfect.

I glanced down and realized she was wearing my sweater.

-"You're wearing my sweater", I said, grinning broadly. She suddenly stopped drying my head and dropped the sweater on the sofa.

-"I'm sorry, I'll take it off", she said, lifting the hem of the clothing.

I mean, I liked when she undressed for me. What guy doesn't?

-"No, keep it on", I insisted though.

She hesitated and looked down; she seemed like the Jade from highschool I had fallen in love with.

So shy and insecure, yet so adorable and sweet.

I pursed my hands on hers and removed them from the sweater.

-"I like how it looks", I assured.

She gave me a smile and I looked behind her.

There was a box of Jaffacakes, and tiny pieces of biscuits scattered on the floor and sofa.

-"What...", I questioned.

All she did was stumble onto her knees and gather the biscuit crumbs from the floor.

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