I stare at myself in the mirror.

Why do I have to look like this? So weird and so... Nerd?

-"Jade, honey", my mum said, knocking on the door. I didn't answer.

-"Come out of the bathroom please, let's talk about it", she softly said. I put the razor-blade away and cleaned the blood on my wrist. Then I applied some skin-coloured shade on it.

-"Oh Jade... My beautiful daughter", she said, carressing my hair.

-"Mum, I just want to go to bed", I said, untying my blue purple-red hair.

-"Jade, let's talk about it", she said.

-"No, mum. Please, let me go rest", I harshly said. I can't believe how rude that was.

I went up to my room and opened the window. Whoa, it was cold. I closed back the window and shivered.

I took my phone out and saw a text message.

to Jade ㅡHey Jade :) Are you ok? why did you run away from school? I was so worried! Jesy xㅡ

to Jesy ㅡHey Jesy.. It happened again, Tricia was bugging around. How about you? Where are you?ㅡ

to Jade ㅡI'm in our secret place ;);) having lunch, ALONE because SOMEONE left me like this-_- ㅡ

to Jesy ㅡI'm sorry... Ugh, my wrist hurts!ㅡ

to Jade ㅡCutting again. Stop it Jade!ㅡ

to Jesy ㅡNo, it makes me feel better. You know itㅡ

to Jade ㅡOk, it does. Well, gotta go. See ya :)ㅡ

to Jesy ㅡSee ya <3ㅡ

By the way, she's my only friend Jessica Louise Nelson (she is two years elder than me but she had to repeat two grades because of some problem. I don't know and I don't really care).

I don't get it. Why does she suffer bullying? She is so beautiful. Her hair, her height, her voice, and please don't mention her body.

Well, she says the same things about me. But what can we do about it?

Everyday the same routine; people pushing me on to the floor and kicking me everywhere, people yelling terrible things at me, people breaking my heart.

Every. Single. Bloody. Day.

I mean it.

I put my earphones on and plugged them into my cellphone. I put the song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. My favourite song. I closed my eyes and singed along to it, no matter who was listening.

The song was over and I turned my eyes onto the opened door.

-"Mum!", I gasped.

-"Jade... I never knew your voice was so beautiful", she said.

-"When did you get here", I said, ignoring her comment.

-"When you started singing, Jade your voice is so unique. You sound so strong when you sing"

-"Mum stop it", I snapped. She was shocked, I knew it. She hates when I act like this.

-"Jade", she said, clearly hurt by my attitude.

-"I'm sorry mum... I just can't handle it, I'm useless!", I said, with humid eyes.

-"Jade Amelia Thirlwall, you are beautiful no matter what they say.", she said, singing the lyrics of the song I just listened to.

-"Thank you so much... sorry mummy", I said, getting my eyes unblurried.

-"Don't cry babygirl", she smiled, grabbing my wrist.

-"Ouch", I sighed. Uh oh, please mum don't notice my cuts... She thinks I had stopped a long time ago.

-"Jade, what's wrong", she said, trying to see my wrist.

-"Nothing, I just felt something on my leg", I lied. That was close.

-"Okay, you should rest now", she smiled. I smiled back.

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