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(Last week was boring. Nothing special, only Harry who was sick for three days. He's okay for prom! Calm your tits people!)

{Jesy's POV}


Here we are, looking flawless and super cute.

Perrie was wearing the pink dress with black polka-dots. Leigh was wearing a tight, short, white dress with long tight sleeves (simple), but her makeup made her whole outfit glow.

I was wearing my awesome rocky dress and rocky shoes and rocky accessories. Leigh was with her partner, Dylan. Very handsome; brunette, pale skin, brown, shiny eyes, pink lips, hot jawline.

Perrie was with Zayn. Wow, they looked SO great. They were like Bella and Edward from Twighlight. So. perfect!

I was with my handsome partner: Mike. Also known as the hot kiosko guy. He looks irresistible with his tanned skin, dirty blonde-almost-brown hair [A/N: his hair is clean okay, for the ones who don't know. Dirty blonde is a colour], green eyes and cute jawline.

-"Where's your other friend... Jade?", Mike asked.

-"Oh... She's got new friends. You know, Tasha Hanks and her followers Daphnee and Heather.", I said.

-"Oh. So they are Tasha, Daphnee, Heather and Jade now?", he asked.

-"Amelia. Not Jade. (eye-roll)", I said.

-"But I saw Tasha with her two followers a few minutes ago. I didn't see Jade", he said.

-"Maybe she's with Harry", I said.

-"Jesy!", someone called. I stood on my tiptoes and tried to see who it was (it was full of people).

-"Harry?", I said.

-"Hey Jesy. Hey", Harry said (as you can see, he doesn't know Mike's name).

-"What's wrong?", I asked.

-"Have you seen Jade? I didn't find her with Tasha", Harry said.

-"No, I thought he was with you", I said.

-"No, I haven't seen her since the whole thing started. I sent her text messages, I phoned her but no", Harry said, worried.

-"I don't know anything about her", I said, worried too.

-"Okay... I'll go ask Tasha", he said, leaving.

{Harry's POV}

-"Tasha", I said.

-"Oh, hey baby", she said, caressing my face with one hand and hugging my neck with her other arm, making me shiver. I removed her hands from me.

-"Where's Jade", I asked.

-"You mean Amelia?", she said.

-"She's Jade. Where is she", I asked.

-"I don't know, she didn't come with us.", she said.

-"Jade sent me a text message saying you would pick her up", I said.

-"I wasn't supposed to take her. ", she said.

-"What the hell?!", I said, frustrated.

-"I'm sorry Harry... I told you, you should have come with me", she said, hugging my by the neck.

-"Get off me", I said, unwrapping her arms.

-"Harry... Please don't tell anyone I told you this but... Se never loved you. She said she wanted to use you just to be popular and to make me jelous. I wasn't jelous though because you know. I'm pretty nice. I'm sorry Harry", she said. I could feel my eyes getting teary.

-"No. I don't believe you", I said.

-"Don't be stupid Harry! Can't you see? She changed.", she said.

She's right.

{Jade's POV}

-"Help!", I cried. I tried to break the door open, but it was too hard.

-" Someone! Help me please!", I squealed. I'm running out of air!

I could hear the loud music. That's a good and a bad sign. Good because it meant I was at school (prom). Bad because nobody could hear me.

I'm confused. I was entering the school with my purse on my hand. I looked over my shoulder and saw Tasha getting closer to me.

That's all I remember before my vision went all black. I woke up without my purse. I didn't know where I was.

*Flashback over*

-"Please! Help...", I said, getting weak. Ouch... My head hurts.

Where the devil am I?! It's full of dirty clothes and wet rags.

I'm in the school laundry.

I could hardly breathe... I sat down and started to think.

What is Harry doing right now? Is he waiting for me?

Ouch... My head really hurts. It feels like as if someone hit me.

That's right. I remember that while Tasha was driving she passed me her purse telling me to hold it. It was heavy. I took a little glance into her purse. The zipper was a little opened. Why did she have a rock in there? Because she wanted to do this to me. Tasha ALWAYS wins!

Sassy bitch.

I should have listened to Jesy... I should have listened to Leigh and Perrie.

-"Help...", I said, weak. I started to knock the door with my palm.

{Perrie's POV}

-"Zayn, I have to go pee", I giggled, blushing.

-"Haha, okay cutie", he said.

I walked through the hallways and saw the toilets. I was about to enter until I heard something.

-"Heeeelp.....", someone whispered.

Oh my God. Is it a ghost? I think I'm going to pee right here.

-"Who is it?!", I said, scared.

No reply.

-"Please tell me who you are or else I'll pee on you", I said. Sorry, but that was the only thing that came to my mind since I was afraid.

-"Perrie?", the voice said. Hold on... The voice is coming from the laundry.

-"Who is it?", I said, slowly getting closer to the laundry room.

-"Perrie... It's me....", the female voice said.

That is... Jade?

-"Jade?", I asked, trying to open the door. Ew, the doorknob was full of glue! It's a little fresh yet.

-"Jade, hold on okay let me bring help", I said. I think I don't want to pee anymore.

-"Zayn!", I said.

-"What, what's wrong?", he said.

-"It's Jade, please go for help I'll be in the laundry room", I said. He nodded

After a while, I saw Jesy, the kiosko guy, Leigh and Dylan running towards us..

-"Jade, hold on okay? I brought help.", I said.

The glue was already hard. Thankfully, I took some glue off the doorknob when it was fresh.

The boys finally broke the doorknob. Leigh pulled the door open and Jade fell ontop of Jesy. She was all sweaty and weak.

We exactly knew who was the one responsible of this.

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