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♥Hi :) the winner of the contest was @iloveoned01 her jokes were soo awesome they absolutely made my day. BUT do not forget, ALL of your jokes were incredibly funny I sincerly spent like a year laughing.

Seriously, I was having dinner and started laughing my ass off and my bro was like "eh ._."

After this contest, I realized how many people were able to comment. So 70% of all you lazy asses were reading but not commenting?! HEY.

Sooooo, houp yoo laik it. BAI♥

-"Jade look, those high-heels would look nice on you don't you think?", Harry said, pointing at cream colour heels with a light pink ribbon on its side.

-"No, they would look bad", I lied. I seriously didn't want Harry to buy me something.

-"How about I buy you that and see who's right?", Harry asked.

-"No", I said.

-"Jade, let's go I don't want to start a fight", Harry said, winking at me.

-"Harry please", I said.

-"Let's go", Harry said, grabbing my hand and taking me to the shop.

-"You see? They look perfect on you. And I also kno you love ribbons and bowties", Harry said, after he forced me to put them on.

Wow, they actually look pretty.

-"Give me these please", Harry told the woman.

-"Harry...", I groaned.

-"You don't like them?", he asked.

-"I love them, but-"

-"You love them so I'm buying them. That's final.", he said, paying for them.

-"Hi Harry", a girl said.

-"Hi girl, what's your name?", Harry said, smiling at her.

-"I'm Alicia, I love One Direction, I'm a huge directioner! Can I please get a picture?", she asked.

-"Sure", Harry smiled.

-"Um, who is she?", the girl, who apparently was called Alicia, asked.

-"She's Jade Thirlwall, my girlfriend. She will become famous", Harry teased.

-"She's very pretty", Alicia said.

-"Can I get a picture with both of you then?", she asked, smiling.

-"Sure", Harry said. Alicia handed her phone to her mum (I suppose it was her mum)and we all posed.

-"Thank you so much, I love you bye", she said, excited.

-"Thank YOU, bye", I said, while Harry waved goodbye.

Harry bought me the shoes and we walked out.

-"Thanks a lot", I said, leaning my head onto his shoulder.

-"You're welcome babygi- Jade", he said.

-"It's okay, you can call me babygirl", I said.

-"Okay babygirl", he said, kissing my head.

-"Look, it's Niall", I said, pointing at Niall who was happily talking to a girl while holding her hand.

-"He had a girlfriend?", Harry said.

-"I don't know", I said.

-"Hey Niall", Harry said.

-"Hi, Kaela, this is Harry and Jade. Harry and Jade, this is Kaela Jacinto, my girlfriend", Niall said, showing us the gorgeous, well dressed girl with brown, cat-like, deep eyes and black, wavy hair.

-"Hey", she said. She was wearing tight jeans and a white, simple shirt. Exactly the way Niall liked.

-"Nice to meet you, I'm Harry and she's my girlfriend Jade", Harry said.

-"Harry, I can introduce myself you know", I said, smiling at him.

-"Hi, I'm Jade nice to meet you", I said.

-"Hi", she smiled.

Now I'm starting to doubt if the quote "nobody's perfect" actually tells the truth.


Harry got me heels, a stuffed toy (of a little monkey) and jeans-shorts and I got him another beanie but with cute bear ears and a pair of nice converse that fit him perfectly good.

He won this time... Uh.

We got to the apartment and Poopey jumped on me.

After a while, we sat down on the couch.

-"My legs hurt now after walking around for two ours or so", I said.

-"Mine too", he said.

-"Harry, what do you think of Kaela?", I asked.

-"She's nice. Niall found his girl. Why do you ask?", Harry said.

-"I don't know... Just curious", I said.

-"What do you think of her?", he asked.

-"She's gorgeous", I said.

Seriously, she IS. Her tanned skin, her black hair, her cat-like incredibly beautiful eyes and her body ugh.

She's stunning!

-"Babygirl, not as gorgeous as you. She's cool but I bet you're funnier and way more awesome", he said.

-"We don't know", I said.

-"But you're a precious little thing", Harry said, grabbing my nose.

-"Thank you curly head", I said, hugging him.


-"Gosh...", Harry said, pulling apart.

-"What?", I said.

-"Whenever I get lose to your face I just want to kiss you", he confessed.

-"Aaaw.... To be honest, me too" I said.

-"Let' make a deal. Whenever I or you want to kiss me or you we have to just do it", he said. I agreed.

And he grabbed my face and planted his lips onto mine.

Crashing our noses.

-"OW!", we yelped in unison.

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