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-"I don't want to go home", Stuart groaned.

I nodded. I understood how he felt, and I knew how shitty it was to watch your parents fight.

Flashback: years ago

-"Mumma?", I asked, keeping my voice low.

-"Daddy?", I called.

Right then, I heard something crashing harshly against the wall, which made me jump and stop from my tracks.

Then, I heard whines and cries from my mumma.

-"Mumma!", I said, and quickly padded my tiny feet towards the door. Unfortunately, the luck wasn't on my side as I tripped on my oversized dress-pyjamas and squeaked because of the impact.

-"Jade?", I heard my daddy say.

I quickly got up and stumbled into the bathroom.

I locked the door and hid in the shower, of course, too young to know that my daddy wouldn't hurt me.

As I heard my mumma and daddy knocking on the door and calling my name, I realized how weird adults were.

Just seconds ago they had been fighting and throwing things at eachother, and later, they sweetly called my name.

I hugged my knees and hummed at myself some songs my mumma sang to me before I went to bed or when I felt upset.

-"Jade, honey, we didn't want to wake you up", Mumma said.

They were protesting and screaming at eachother, and they wanted me to just go on and have sweet dreams?

-"Goodnight to you, goodnight to me", mumma started to sing, making me sniff.

-"Now close your eyes and go to sleep", she continued, her soft and gentle voice being poured into my ears like wind passing through grass.

-"Goodnight, sleep tight, sweet dreams, tonight...", she sang, and I hummed along.

-"Goodnight, I love you", she said.

I stood up and slowly stepped towards the door.

I pressed my fingers on the doorknob and slowly unlocked the door.

I creaked open, and my mumma wrapped her arms around my tiny body.

Sweet tears streamed down my chubby cheeks, and I saw daddy looking at me hopelessly.

-"I'm sorry", he said, and went into the room in which my parents were fighting.

My mumma sat down infront of the now closed door, her back facing the wood of it.

-"I am so scared", I whispered.

-"Don't be babygirl... Don't be", she said, rocking back and forth.

-"Daddy?", I asked, as I saw him come out of the room holding a suitcase and a bag.

-"I love you Jade", he said, and turned around to walk down the hall.

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