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♥Hello, good day huh?

Hope you're liking :) please read my OTHER new fanfic. Yes, I made another one, AGAIN.

Very annoying but I think this one is a bit more different than others ^-^

It's called ALIVE and it's a Little Mix 1D fanfic again.


I scrolled through my contacts while having dinner by myself, and found Maya's number.

She said "call me whenever you want". Or that's what I remember.

I dialed her and she picked up at the third ring.

-"Jade!", she said.

-"Hi Maya", I said.

-"How are you gorgeous", she asked.

-"A bit bored", I admitted.

-"Aw.. So why did you call darling?", I asked.

-"Just wanted to see if maybe we could hang out tomorrow??", I awkwardly asked.

-"Sure! I'm going to be out though. I'm going to be at the mall near the pool we met that day with my sister and Mitzy. You could come and we could go out for shopping and have lunch", she suggested

-"Okay I'll be there then", I said.

-"See you!", she said.

-"See you, bye", I said.


I sighed and got up from the bed. I walked towards the closet and put on a pair of shorts and Harry's yellow t-shirt that shrunk while it was being washed on cold water.

I chuckled at the thought and put a coat on.

I grabbed Harry's new snapback and put on some sneakers.

I went in the elevator and checked on my phone; I took 15 minutes. Good.

While I was going down I tried to decide wether I should take a taxi or drive Harry's car.

I looked at myself in the elevator's mirrors and realized I was wearing Harry's snapback and t-shirt. And coat.

Maybe I'm too obsessed with his scent and I miss him too much.

-"Enough of Harry's stuff", I sighed.

I looked at the snapback and wondered why he didn't take it with him.

He must have forgotten. I'll give it to him in three months; New Year.

I went out and found a cab.

I told him my location and we immediately arrived there.

-"Thank you, have a lovely day", I said, paying him.

-"You too young lady", he said.

I walked out and checked if I had everything in my pockets.

I slapped my butt and felt the lump on my back pocket; house keys.

I slapped my hip and felt my wallet.

Then I slapped my left hip and didn't feel my phone.

-"Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck", I groaned to myself.

-"Hello?", I said, picking up the phone.

-"Jade where are you?", Maya asked.

-"I'm in the entrance, where are you?", I asked.

-"In Top Shop. We'll wait here", she said.

-"Okay I'll be there once I find my...", I said. I looked at my hand, ehich was holding a phone.

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