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What's happening in here?

Jesy and Jordan were enjoying and admiring theirselves, and we were all awkwardly watching.

-"Eh, do you know each other?", I awkwardly asked.

-"Oh, yes. I... Met him on Internet and we chatted on Skype", Jesy said, excited.

-"Oh", I said. They were endlessly staring at eachother.

I turned around and didn't see Leigh.

-"Excuse me", I said, leaving.

I went back to the balcony and found Leigh.

-"What's wrong Leigh?", I asked her.

-"I don't think it's my time", she said, smiling out her sadness. 

-"What do you mean?", I asked.

-"I think destiny wants it likr this... Me being single, you know", she chuckled.

-"Oh Leigh-Anne... You are just waiting for the perfect man", she said.

-"Thank you", she said.

-"Shall we go back in?", I suggested. She nodded.

We walked in and saw everyone already sitting down.

They were all having different conversations.

Harry and Liam were talking about Dani and Liam breaking up (I feel so bad... They were, like, meant to be!).

Louis and Niall were talking about a car accident that happened a while ago.

Zayn and Perrie... You know. Cuddles, tongues and giggles.

Jesy and Jordan were talking as if they met each other long ago. Well, they did, somehow.

Leigh and I sat down on one of the couches and we started talking about the X Factor. That's when everyone joined into our conversation, and we all enjoyed our time.

*Later: Harry's mother visits them.*

-"Hi!", I excitedly said as I opened the door the Harry's gorgeous mum, Anne.

-"Hello Jade, you are so beautiful", she said, looking up and down at me and caressing my now ombre, dyed hair.

-"Thank you so much, you look so beautiful too", I said, smiling wide at her.

It was the first time I really met her. She couldn't come to the airport that day (my mum met Harry when he had to pick me up. She must have told him stuff safety, of course. Haha my mummy!) but we chatted on Skype sometimes.

-"Let me see my son", Anne said, looking at Harry.

-"I missed you mum ", he said. She couldn't help but tear off to hug him.

-"I missed you too... At least I have posters of you hung up on my walls", Anne said, I giggled.

We sat down on the sofas and I quickly brough some tea for Harry's mum.

-"Thank you dear", she said, smiling at me.

-"No problem", I said, sitting down beside Harry. We let her take her time to drink her tea and leave the little cup on the little plate.

-"I love this place", she said, admiring her surroundings.

-"Thank you", we said.

-"Oh, I have something to give you Jade", Anne said, putting the tea on the table and sliding her hand into her purse.

She took out a little white box with a blue ribbon tied onto it (it really reminded me of my prom dress...) and a small, pink sack.

-"Oh my God... What is this?", I said, taking the box and the sack.

-"The little sack is a gift Gemma sent you", Anne said. Gemma is Harry's sister, equally gorgeous as the whole Styles family to be honest.

-"The box is a gift I'm giving you two", Anne said.

-"You really didn't have to, thank you so much... I wish I had something for you too", I said.

-"It's okay darling, just meeting you is a gift for me", she said. She is so sweet!

I first opened the box and saw two necklaces. They both had a tiny charm on it, which apparently had the shape of a puzzle piece. Both had a heart drawn on it, and one of them had an H and the other one had a J.

-"Couple necklaces", Harry said, smiling widely at me.

We took them out of the box, carefully, and immediately put them on.

-"This is so beautiful", Anne said.

-"Thank you, this is absolutely pretty", I said.

Then I went ahead and opened the tiny pink sack.

I saw a sparkly thing and a little card.

It said: I have seen you wearing bowties everytime we video chatted. Hope you like this!! With love, Gemma♡x

I slipped out what was inside the sack and found a sparkly, colourful, amazing bow.

-"Oh my goodness!", I said, excited.

I unclipped my golden bow off my head and clipped my new, incredibly fabulous bow.

-"Shine bright like a diamond!", I sang, and we all laughed at how silly and boring my jokes were.

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