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I have a BIG thing to tell you. It's about this boy who gets bullied (he's from my class).

here it is:

In Guidance (a school subject that "guides you through life") the teacher gave us a big piece of paper. We had to put our names on it, and then we had to walk around writing down qualities of that person, according to their name letters (yknow, like: J.A.D.E I had to write a quality with each letter). This boy called Vicente (who gets bullied, kinda) was hoping to get nice comments but from 7 letters he had only 2 positive ones. It said (translation to English): brave- intelligent- dick sucker- midget- midget (again)- moron- stupid. The saddest part is that he wrote one of the qualities, he wrote 'intelligent' for himself. It makes me think you know? He didn't come to school the next day, he was strong enough to not cry infront of us at least.

Yeah thats it, I just had to tell you bc it's so sad isnt it?! And yeah, I like to talk a lot heh

Okay guys. Enjoy :)♥


I was the last one to perform for the judges now (bootcamp, yay!)

Perry, Leigh and Jesy were cheering for me.


-"Gosh, I was nervous", I said, after the performance.

-"That was awesome", Jesy said.

-"You couldn't do better", Leigh said.

-"You're amazing", Perrie said.

-"Thanks, you all did excellent", I said.

It seems I was sort of the last one to perform.

It was the time.

-"Okay, now we're going to tell all of you who is through and who's not.", Louis said.

-"Remember, even though if none of us or all of us or some of us are through, we'll still be bestfriends", I said, and we group hugged.

They said a couple of names and now, there were only four spots.

Now two spots... None of us were called yet.

To be honest, I really want my name to be called!

But destiny made it like this. None of us were called.

-"It's okay", Leigh said, with wet eyes. Jesy was already crying a little, which made all of us cry.

-"Excuse me! I would like to ask for a couple of people or so to go up to stage again please!", a guy said, all eyes went to him.

-"Jade Thirlwall", he said.


Wait, I don't even know if this is good or not.

I walked up beside him.

-"Jessica Nelson", he said.

Jesy also made the same face, confused and insecure.

-"Leigh-Anne Pinnock", he said.

Same thing.

-"Sara Astell", he said, a girl with pink, emo hair came up.

-"And Perrie Edwards", he said.

We walked up to stage.

-"Hello girls", Tulisa said.

-"Hi", we all said, with swollen eyes of tears.

-"So... We've been thinking. You girls are way too talented to leave this competition.", Kelly said. We smirked.

-"Do you think all of you could maybe work together?", Kelly asked.

-"Yeah", Leigh-Anne said.

-"You're throough!!!!!!", Kelly yelped.

-"Oh my God!", we all cheered, having a group hug.


-"Harry, you won't believe this", I said through the phone.

-"What happened?", he asked, excited.

-"We didn't get through, then they called us up and Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jesy and I got through together with this other girl!", I said.

-"Oh God! That's so funny, the same thing happened to us, wow!", Harry said.

-"I'm so happy Harry... Okay, I have to go now. Love you", I said.

-"Okay love you more, bye", he said.

I walked up to see the new girl.

-"Hi", I said.

-"Hi", she said, smiling her pierced lips.

-"I'm Jade", I said.

-"I'm Sara", she said.

She was wearing skinny black jeans, a white shirt and a long, pink braid on her head. Her skin was as white as Perrie's, but her eyes were grey, somehow.

-"Hi, I'm Leigh-Anne, call me Leigh", Leigh said, coming up with all the girls.

-"I'm Jessica, call me Jesy", Jesy said.

-"I'm Perrie", Perrie said.

-"Hey, I'm Sara", she said.

We chatted for a while and we went to a café.


-"So your mum used to be a singer huh?", Perrie said.

-"Yup", Sara said, taking the last bite of her muffin and taking her braid off.

-"Okay girls, I have to go now", she said, putting on a little boby pin on her hair now.

-"Okay Sara, it was great to meet you. We'll call you", I said.

-"Okay, see you", she said, waving at us and leaving.

-"I like her", Leigh said.

-"Me too", Perrie said.

-"Yeah, her hair is awesome", Jesy said.

-"Her piercings are cool", I said.

-"I still can't believe we are a girl band now", Jesy said.

-"This is incredible", I said.

-"Yeah", they said.

Then we heard a loud noise from outside. We looked out the window and saw lots of people staring at some accident.

Then we realized there was a long, pink thing laying on the floor.

We all stared at eachother for a second, fear in our eyes.

I quickly stood up, and was followed by the rest.

-"No!", Jesy cried, as we saw Sara on the floor, with blood on her forehead.

It was a car accident.

We ran towards her and Leigh grabbed Sara's hand.

-"Sara, please breathe", she sobbed.

-"Oh God", Perrie cried. Jesy and Perrie were crying.

I sat infront of Sara and leaned forward.

-"She's not breathing", Leigh cried.


I can't believe I'm looking at Sara like this.

The one who was supposed to be in our band, is now...

It's hard to say...

RIP Sara Astell

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