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-"No way!", Leigh said.

-"Hell yes!", I said.

-"AAAHHHHH!!!!!! Jade! Congrats girlie!", Perrie said.

-"I'm so excited!", I said.

-"I feel like I'm more excited than you. Oh, my God, Jade. Can I give you a hug?", Jesy said.

-"Go ahead!", I said. She squeezed me into a hug, which I gladly accepted, and the bell rang.

-"Oy, Thirlwall!", someone called. I turned around to see who it was; Tasha Hanks.

-"What", I said, looking down. I always felt intimidated around her.

-"I heard you were going to prom with Styles", she said. It seems she likes calling people with their last names. Ha! She's pathetic.

-"Yup", I said, popping the P.

-"Guess what? I am going with him.", she said, emphasizing the 'I'.

-"What?", I said.

-"Yes. He may have rejected me, but with my plan, I bet I'm going to be the winner", she said.

-"You're crazy, you know that right?", I said.

-"Haha! Very funny", she said, and she walked away shaking that huge, plastic bum she's got. Ew.

-"She's weird", Jesy whispered into my ear.

-"I know", I said.

-"Tasha, would you like to come with me to prom?", Sean asked.

-"Fuck off", she said. See? She's so rude!

-"I guess that's a 'maybe'?", he said.

-"I said fuck off, faggot.", she spatted on his face. Why do I feel so happy about that?

-"Okay, I'll wait till you come and beg on your knees.", he said, and walked away.

Perrie, Jesy and I walked to our next class, Art (while Leigh walked to her class, Biology I think).

-"Hey Perrie", Allen, a 'really cute' guy, said.

-"Hi", she said.

-"Would you like to go to prom with me?", he said. Everyone was looking at them; girls jelous for Allen, boys jelous for Perrie. And there was Zayn, giggling at the back.

-"Sorry, I'm going to prom with someone else", she said. All the girls were happy about that. Gosh, I'm so jelous of Perrie. She's gorgeous, smart, funny, and simply perfect.

-"Who?", a guy at the back asked.

-"Um... Zayn Malik", she said.

-"What?!", some of the girls exclaimed, freaking out at the sound of his name.

Zayn was, like, the hottest boy in our class.

-"I'm sorry", she said. Allen and all the boys with hope walked away. I shouldn't be laughing this hard right now.

-"Damn baby! You're popular!", Jesy said. Perrie giggled.


-"I have homework for you students. You have to make a sketch of the most not-painted object. You know, like an object no one paints or draws. Okay class, goodbye", Mrs. Scottie said.

I walked to my next class: Spanish.

-"Hey", Leigh-Anne said.

-"Hello", I said.

-"How was Art class?", she said, smiling.

-"Boring, as usuall. Hey, I have homework. You have to make a drawing of an object no one would paint because it is ugly or unpopular. Oh, I know. I should draw myself", I said. Note the sarcasm please. I am famous, for being a little dorky, worthless nerd.

-"Don't say that Jade! Ever! Let's go", she said, guiding me to the classroom.

The rest of the school hours were boring.

As usuall.


What should I draw...

I should make a painting, of a painting!


Err.... What should I draw.... and paint.... and show....

Should I make a beautiful drawing of a shadow?

I bet someone has done that already.

Let's make a drawing of a white pillow.


I put my pillow on a table and took my pencil, colours, paintbrush and sketchbook out.


THIS is boring.

What should I draw?!


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