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What am I going to do?! My fucking phone doesn't work! It's all wet! I mean, I don't know my mum's phone number, and I was way too lazy to memorize our house number.

I'm slapping myself for that.

I ran out and saw from far away Harry getting in the line.

-"Harry!", I said, running towards him.

-"Jade, what's wrong?", he asked worried at my worried face.

-"My phone fell in the toilet", I said.

At first, he giggled. Then he noticed my serious face and he stopped smiling.

-"Let me see", he said.

-"What am I going to do? I don't know my mum's number or anything....", I said. Then I realized something horrible.

-"Oh my God, my friends don't know I'm leaving", I said.

-"You didn't tell them about this?", he asked.

-"No, I forgot", I said.

-"Harry, do you have my mum's phone number?", I asked.

-"Yes! I do!", he said.

-"Do you have Jesy's, Leigh's, or Perrie's phone number? Or Zayn's? Or Dylan's? Or Mike's?", I asked.

-"No", he said.

-"God damn it!" I said, stomping my foot on the floor.

-"Calm down, maybe you have their phone lists at your house, we can call your mum", he said.

-"I don't but please can I call my mum?", I asked.

-"Of course", he said, passing me the phone.

I explained everything to my mum. 'Silly' was the word my mum said about ten times. I agree, I'm such a silly girl.

Did I tell you my mum is moving to an apartment?

Now my friends don't know anything about me.


-"Wow, this place is so beautiful", I said, admiring the apartment in which me and Harry were going to live in.

No, we're not sleeping together.

I couldn't stop thinking about my friends.

Jesy, Leigh, Perrie.

It's like I completely lost them.

-"Are you okay?", Harry asked.

-"Yeah...", I said.

-"Jade, I'm sorry", he said, hugging me. I hugged him tighter.

-"Holmes Chapel is splendid", I said.

-"I know", he smiled.

-"Why did you decide to come here?", I asked. He suddenly looked away.

-"Harry", I said.

-"Harry answer", I said.

-"I decided to come here... Because...", he said.

-"Harry, tell me", I said.

-"Because I wanted to... This place was easer for me... to....", he said.

-"Harry tell me now.", I insisted.

-"Fine. It's because I wanted to go to audition for the X Factor, and since I live here in Holmes Chapel now, it's easier for me to get in", he said.

-"Are you a good singer?", I asked him.

-"I don't know..."

-"Sing for me, please", I said, smiling.

-"No, it's embarrassing..", he hesitaded.

-"For me? Sing the song you plan to sing for the X Factor. It will cure my sadness", I said.

-"Fine", he muttered.

He started singing "Isn't She Lovely".

-"HARRY YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY GOING TO WIN!", I said, hugging him.

-"Thanks", he blushed.

-"When is it going to be?", I asked.

-"Tomorrow", he said.

-"Wow! You're all prepared right?", I asked.

-"Yes", he smiled.


I entered the shower. And as usuall, I started to sing. I was singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera.

~You are beautiful  

no matter what they say

Words can't bring me down...~

And apparently, I was out of the shower.

I dressed up and came out of the foggy bathroom.

-"Jade", Harry suddenly appeared, and I fell to the floor.

-"Ay Harry! You scared me!", I said.

-"Sorry. Jade, you sing so well", he said.

-"Thanks", I said.

-"Audition too", he said.

-"No way!"

-"Yes! Please audition, just try it out. For me? I'll be less nervous if you go. Please, just go, I beg", he pleaded.

-"Uh....... Okay, fine. I'll just try it out.", I said.

-"Yes! Thank you thank you thank you so so so so so much!", he said, wrapping his arms around me.

What have I done?

I'm going to be on TV. Everyone from school will probably see me.

What. Have. I. Done?

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