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There were many things going through my mind.

How did he get here? How long have I been sleeping this way that I couldn't even hear Joe coming in? What the fuck is he doing here? What is he pretending to do?

-"Get away from me", I said, choking and trying to push my voice out. I was way too surprised to even speak.

-"You love this", he said, kissing my shoulder again. I frowned and pushed him away.

-"Get the fuck away from me!", I cried, throwing the butter box at him. It was the first thing that I could grab.

-"Come on!", he laughed, making me trip over and fall to the ground.

-"No! No!", I said, kicking him on the leg.

-"That hurt! You bitch!", he groaned, coming closer to me and pulling my hair so I could look at him.

-"Don't hurt me!", I begged, crying and trembling.

-"Don't panic babe, don't panic", he said, caressing my face with his thumb.

-"HARRY!!!", I yelled. He slapped my face.

-"Don't fucking do that!", Joe screamed on my face, grabbing my neck and strangling me harshly , making me cry and choke.

Then I saw Joe suddenly pull away from me.

I put my hands around my neck to breathe better.

Then I looked up and saw a blurry image of Harry.

I saw Harry punching Joe on the face and hitting it against the hard floor.

-"Don't you dare touch her again or I'll kill you!", Harry shouted.

-"Understand?!", he said, strangling Joe and hitting his face again.

Joe nodded with a bloody face.

Harry let go of him and kicked him.

-"Get the fuck out of my house right now", Harry said.

Joe crawled out as fast as he could and Harry slammed the door once he was out.

-"Oh Jade!", he said, coming up to me and wrapping his arms around my weak body.

-"I'm fine", I coughed, as I snaked my arms around his naked torso. He was only wearing his jeans, probably because he ran out of the bathroom without being able to change completely.

-"Jade, my babygirl... What did he do to you?", he asked, holding me up onto his lap and grabbing me like a baby. I leaned on his cold chest.

-"He... I was... I was just preparing toasts for you and I was so sleepy I kind of fell half asleep while standing up. So... I felt two arms around me and I though it was you, but then I realized he didn't have tattooes so I looked back... And he called me babygirl... And I fell and he strangled me", I sobbed.

-"He called you babygirl?", Harry asked.

-"Yes", I said.

-"How dare he.... He...", and he groaned.

-"I'm scared", I said.

-"I'll call the police okay", he said.

I nodded.

He stood up and helped me get on my feet. He gently left me on the sofa and went to get his phone.

He called and came back.

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