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I finally made a drawing of a paintbrush. Hope I get a good grade on this one.

-"Everyone take a sit. We're going to immediately start with your homeworks", Mrs. Scottie said.

-"Perrie Edwards, you come first", Mrs. Scottie said.

-"What did you paint?", she asked.

-"I made a painting of a pillow", she said, blushing. I also thought of a pillow, remember?

-"Perfect!", Mrs. Scottie said, writing down the amazing A+ on her classbook.

-"Thank you", Perrie said and sat down.

-"Jesy Nelson?", she asked.

-"What did you draw?", Mrs. Scottie asked.

-"An earring", Jesy said. Ah, that's a great idea.

-"That's great!", Mrs. Scottie said and wrote down an A+.

A few more people went up.

One person drew a newspaper, another one drew a fly, then someone drew a toe nail, diaper, an eyebrow, etc.

Then I saw the school bitch (she IS a bitch. They call her like that because she's a whore). She made the painting of a paintbrush. AY COME ON!

-"I'm impressed, Maya Ray. You got an A+", Mrs. Scottie said. AAAAGH COME OOOON!!!!!!

-"Sean Bell, your turn", Mrs. Scottie said. Uh ooh, I'm next!

-"I made a painting of a face", he said, showing his painting of a yellow happy face. *virtual facepalm*.

-"Sean, don't be a moron. Even one year old babies draw that!", Mrs. Scottie said, writing a huge F on her classbook. Nooooo, I'm next! Okay, let's quickly look up in my sketchbook! Maybe I have something I did befo-

-"Jade Thirlwall?"


-"What did you paint?", Mrs. Scottie asked.

-"Um... I made this", I said, showing the drawing of a dog's paw/foot I made earlier. Phew. I made this painting when I was in the park last week and I saw a dog with pink nails. What! It was super cute!

-"Great!", Mrs. Scottie said, writing a beautiful A+. Whoo, I'm lucky.


-"You lucky little Jade", Jesy giggled.

-"Ahahaha, yes!", I laughed.

-"No one wants to paint something a pregnant teenager paints... Wow, that was so rude! Erase what I said! No one wants to paint what she paints", Leigh said.

-"Wait, what?" I said.

-"What", Leigh said.

-"Maya is pregnant?", I said

-"Everyone knows", Perrie said.

-"I didn't know", I said.

-"Well, Maya Ray is pregnant.", Jesy said.

-"Who's the father", I asked.

-"They say it's Harry Styles. It's just a rumour though", Leigh said.

-"WHAT?!", I said.

-"It's a rumour!", Leigh said.

-"They confirmed the father was Allen Gray, chill girl. Oh my God guys, Maya Ray, Allen Gray. Do you hear that? RAY and GRAY sound so similar. That's funny", Leigh-Anne giggled.

-"Leigh-Anne! Seriously?!", Perrie laughed.


I stayed after school at my Spanish class (since I had stuff to order fo next week).

-"Jade?", someone said.

-"Maya", I said, surprised.

-"What are you doing here, school is over", she said.

-"I know, I was just ordering stuff and getting notebooks ready for next week. Um, how about you?", I said.

-"Oh... Same", she said.

-"Really? You?", I asked surprised. That's impossible okay, Maya is not that type.

-"Jade. I can't believe what I'm about to say but... I'm here because I'm pregnant", she said.

-"I know you're pregnant Maya", I said.

-"You don't know who the father is", she said.

-"Allen Gray", I said.

-"No.... Please, do not tell anyone.", she said, grabbing my hands.

-"I won't tell anyone, whats wrong", I asked.

-"The father is... Mariano Torres (Mr.Torres)", she said, sobbing.

-"Oh my God... Maya, why are you telling... Me?", I asked.

-"Because I've got no friends, I needed to tell someone.", she said.

-"Maya, I'm sorry about that", I said.

-"It's okay now... Please do not tell anyone", she said.

I wanted to ask her why that happened, when, how. This is so weird.

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