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Harry walked up to where Mr. Torres, or Mariano Torres, was. It just feels so weird to call our Spanish teacher by his name. The weirdest thing is that he was, like, my teacher-crush. He has young features; brunette-blonde, flawless skin and pretty eyes.

I went up to one of the bars and sat with Maya, who left the baby with her husband.

-"So Jade, tell me a little bit about you. How long have you been with Harry now?", she asked.

-"Oh, like two years and many months more", I said, unsure of my answer. I should have counted the days.

-"Really? Wow... That's some time!", she said. I nodded.

-"So sorry for being nosy, but... Are you, like... Engaged now?", she asked.

-"Yes", I said.

-"Oh my goodness!!!", she said, clapping her hands.

-"Yeh", I said, nodding while looking up at the bright sky.

-"I... Jade...", she started.

I looked back at her.

-"I... I'm just so sorry for... Bullying you sometimes, back at highschool... and being such a bitch with you... I really apologize, I really do", she said, looking at me as if she was going to cry.

I had no idea she was so emotionally fragile..

-"It's fine, really", I said, grabbing her hands and giving her a warm smile.

-"You don't deserve such a past... You are so beautiful Jade, and so kind", she said.

-"You are too", I said.

-"No, really, you don't deserve it at all! You are so sweet and smart, and back then you were so shy...", she said. She looked down at our hands, and she widened her eyes.

-"Oh my, what's this?", she asked, pulling my wrists up.

...My scars.

-"Oh, that's just...", I said. I could feel my eyes getting wet now.

-"Is this because of...", she asked.

I knew exactly what she meant with her face.

-"I can't believe it", she said.

-"I'm fine now", I said.

-"I'm so sorry", she said, breaking into silent tears and giving me a hug, making me tear up a little bit too.

My past just hurt a little bit... too much.

-"How about we change the topic now before we make our own pool of tears?", I suggested, she laughed and wiped her tears off.

-"Yeah", she agreed.

-"So what are you doing here in Holmes Chapel?", I asked.

-"Oh, we moved here a while ago since my sister lives here and she got us a nice house for three people", she said.

-"How nice! We live somewhere in a nice apartment with a dog and a cat", I said.

I tried to dodge Tasha and Joe out of the conversation for now.

We talked about our lives and how we planned to live, and we chatted for a long time.

-"Hey mi amor, Mitzy fell asleep we should go now", Mr. Torres... Mariano, said politely and kissing Maya on her cheek.

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