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-"Hello little puppy!", Danielle said, coming in the apartment.

We invited all of them, including Louis' girlfriend Eleanor, to ours.

-"What's its name?", Liam asked.

-"Poopey", I said.

-"Really?", Danielle laughed.

-"Yeah, he pooped on my shirt the day I bought it so", Harry said.

-"This is such a sweet place", Eleanor said, coming in.

-"Thank you", I said.

-"Guys I'm hungry", Niall said, walking in the kitchen.

-"Okay, take a sit", Harry said, motioning to the sofa.

They took a sit and soaked in the couch.

Zayn watched how the rest cuddled between couples. Yet, he smiled.

-"So, how long have you been together?", I asked Liam and Danielle.

-"Seven months", Liam said.

-"Do you live together?", I asked.

-"No, you and Harry are giving a huuuge step forward to your relationship!", Danielle said.

-"Yeah.. But this is really fun", I said.

-"Dani, we should also take a step forward", Liam said.

-"Really?", she asked, with wide eyes.

-"Yes", Liam said, hugging Danielle.

-"I love you Liam", she said, hugging him.


-"Harry, are you okay?", I asked, watching his hand bleed.

-"I'm not okay, I'm Harry", he said.

-"Harry, your hand is bleeding", I said.

-"AAAAH! It's bleeding, oh my God!", he said.

-"Harry, you broke the mirror", I said.

Eleanor, Liam, Danielle and I were trying to control drunk Niall, Harry, Louis and Zayn.

-"Please Louis look at me", Eleanor said.

-"I'm looking at me!", Louis said.

What they said didn't even make any sense.

-"Harry come on", I said, taking him to his room.

-"Oh, you want this to be private at our room?", he said.

-"No Harry, I want to clean your hand.", I said, looking at his bleeding hand.

-"Why would you clean my hand if I cleaned it yesterday?", he said.

-"Ugh, you're drunk Harry", I said.

I took cotton and alcohol out.

I wet tthe cotton with some alcohol and rubbed it onto his scars.

-"NYAAAAAAAH", he squealed.

-"It's okay!", I said.

-"NYAAAHAHAHAHA IT HUUURTS", he said, jumping around. I couldn't help but giggle.

-"Harry calm down please", I said. He fell flat on the ground.

-"Oh my God!", I said, running towards him.


{Danielle's POV}


He was using Poopey as a horse!

-"Niall you're hurting the poor puppy!", I said.

-"I am?", Niall said.

-"Yes Niall, please stop.", I said.

He got off Poopey and the dog ran away and hid under the small table.

-"Niall why don't you go wash your face and go take a nap before... um... your mum comes?", I said.

-"Oh no! She might punish me!", he said.

He ran to the bathroom, spashed water on his face and jumpeod on the sofa and immediately started snoring.

{Liam's POV}

-"Zayn, mate. Stop crying", I said.

He's unstoppable! He's been crying for Perrie, his girlfriend, for about three hours!

(I didn't drink since my girlfriend is here and I'm a good boy)

-"Perrie! I miss you! I shouldn't have let you go!", Zayn cried.

-"Zayn please stop", I said.

-"No! Perrie! Why did you cheat on me?", Zayn said, suddenly frustrated.

-"But I miss you! I thought you loved me as much as I did!", he cried louder.

-"Zayn, she misses you too", I said.

-"Really?", Zayn asked.

-"Yes", I said.

Then I saw Niall sleeping on the sofa.

-"Hey, Zayn. If you go sleep, Perrie will come. If not, she won't.", I said.

He went to the bathroom. I followed him. I saw him get in the bath tub.. and fall asleep...?

{Eleanor's POV}

Okay El... you can do it.

I slightly pushed Louis away from my legs.

He fell asleep on my legs, I couldn't move!

-"Finally", I sighed in relief.

-"Where's Jade and Harry?", Danielle asked, coming up to me.

-"I saw them get in that room", I said, pointing at a room.

{Jade's POV}

-"Jade, Harry. What are you two doing in the-", Dani said.

-"Shhh!", I said.

Harry finally fell asleep. It seems everyone was asleep, it was quiet.

-"Hey, would you like to stay till tomorrow?", I asked them.

They took a glance at the boys.

-"If you don't mind", Eleanor said.

-"It's fine for me", I said.

Liam and Eleanor pulled Louis to my room.

We left Niall on the sofa, but with a blanket.

We left Zayn in the bath tub, but with some pillows we could push under his back and a blanket.

Danielle and Liam slept at the visitors' room.

I had to sleep with Harry.

Gosh, it was the first time I ever slept with a guy...

I don't know why, but I'm excited.

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