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-"I know the pain your feeling, I understand. Sara would be absolutely proud of your performance. So I've made my decision.", Tulisa said, with a serious face. Oh no. We've come so far, and this is what we get? We rehearsed so much, this audition was our first performance as a group. I mean, in my opinion we were the very best. We gave so much effort and-

-"You're on to Live Shows", she said.

-"Yes! Oh my God!", I started to wave my hands above my head like an idiot, as if mutant flies were attacking me.

-"Yay!", Tulisa said, coming to hug us, wrapping us into a warm group hug.

-"I can't believe it! Thank you!", we screamed.

We walked out and we had a short interview with Dermot O' Leary (host).


-"Cheers!", we said, clinging our wine glasses full of Coke.

-"It's unbelievable.. I can't believe we actually made it through to Live Shows", Leigh-Anne said.

-"Yes, this is just amazing", Perrie squealed.

-"What should we do now before we go back to England tomorrow?", Jesy said.

-"I would like to get Harry something", I said.

-"I would like to get Zayn something too", Perrie said.

-"You lucky charms", Leigh-Anne fake laughed, trying to hide her pain (probably because she lost her oh-so-loved boyfriend Dylan).

-"You guys... Um... I think I want to break up with Mike", Jesy said. We gasped.

-"Why?", we frowned.

-"Because we never are in contact, and I thought I was the one who flirted with him but I realized he was a very flirty, player guy.", Jesy said.

-"How are you going to break up with him?", Perrie asked.

-"I think I'm going to do it by the phone", she said.

-"Jesy, it's now or never", I said.

-"Yeah", Leigh said, giving her the phone.

Jesy gulped and looked at us, doubtedly.

-"You can do it", Perrie said, nodding.

She dialled the number and put it on speaker.

-"Hello?", a girl said.

A girl? I think she dialled the wrong number.

-"Hello?", Jesy said.

-"Who is this?", the girl asked.

-"It's Jesy, is Mike there?", she asked.

-"Yes hold on", she said.

Jesy put a serious face, and we were confused.

-"Hey", Mike said.

-"Mike, who was that?", Jesy asked.

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