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-"What are you saying Tasha? Don't let him disturb your life and brain", I said.

-"I'm going to die Jade! I'm going to die! Everytime you call the police or anything, the punishments get worse and worse. I have to live with him and you can't bare to have him visit you now and then? I'm risking my life for you. I'm paying back for everything I did to you in highschool, I have a heart Jade, and you just can't forgive me", she cried.

-"No Tasha, I... I did forgive you, I just didn't know. I called the internship for the benefit of both of us", I said.

-"Killing me is a benefit?", she asked.

-"Don't you have anywhere else to go? Maybe your mother's house?", I asked.

She looked up at me and a slight grin grew on her Barbie-like face.

-"I.. I tried to escape from him a long time ago when we moved here. My mum wanted me to share time with my new brother. I couldn't get away from him because he would always catch me and punish me.. But now that he's gone, I am free", she said.

-"Yes", I said.

-"I'm free!", she said.

-"You're free", I smiled and hugged her.

She sobbed into my neck for a while and I took her up to her apartment.

-"Here", she said, giving me the jacket.

Thankfully she didn'r carry away part of Harry's amazing scent.

-"Do you want me to help packing?", I asked.

She slipped a shirt on and put a jumper.

-"Yes please. Can you hand me the suitcase?", she said, pointing at the wardrobe.

-"Sure", I said. I opened it and rummaged around all the mess and finally grabbed the suitcase.

She came up to me and picked up all of her clothes and shoved them into her suitcase. I was impressed at how unorganized it looked.

I remembered how every possession of hers was labeled with a pink pen.

It was surprising to see how messy her hair was, and how dirty her makeup looked.

-"Tasha... What happened to all of your highschool friends?", I asked.

-"I just realized hoe patheticc they were", she said, without taking a second to think about it.

-"What do you mean?", I asked.

-"They were with me to enjoy the attention and popularity. It was like the movies. Fun, because I actually felt like I was living a movie and I was the powerful one you know? But then, when school was completely over I realized how everyone left me... And I saw how you and your friends were all destined to come together somehow. I waited for my friends to unite with me, but they never did, so I guess destiny didn't want us together", she shrugged.

-"Oh...", I said.

-"You know.. Before I came here to Holmes Chapel, I hung myself in the balcony of my house back in South Shields.", she said.

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