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We drove to a private pool nearby (Harry had access to those pools and stuff. Celebrities could go to those!).

-"We're here", he said. I had a simple and comfortable dress on top of my bikini. Harry had a shirt on.

We picked up our towels and bags from the trunk, and went in.

Of course Harry had to go to the reception and do VIP stuffy-stuffies.

-"Finally", I said, once we got the permission to go in.

It was absolutely beautiful.

The pool was huge and clean, a bit noisier than how I thought it would be, but it was perfect.

-"Come back to Earth Jade!", Harry laughed.

I didn't realize I had my mouth so dully opened.

-"Let's go", Harry said, grabbing me by the waist.

We grabbed some sits and put our towels there. Then we locked our bags in the lockers.

Harry took his shirt off, showing off his fabulous abs and simply jumped in the water.

I thought the water was warm, since Harry was in the water already swimming like a fish.

I jumped in the shallow part and stoof stiff. It was freezing!

-"Oh my God", I shivered.

I saw Harry staring at me while laughing.

I shook his head and messed up his hair.

I slowly walked towards Harry, making a sour face.

-"It's not that cold", he said.

Actually, he is kind of right. I quickly got used to the cool water.

-"Jade? What's that, under the water?", Harry said, pointing under the water and making me creep out.

-"What?", I said, and before I even knew it, he pulled me down by my legs and into the water.

-"You!", he cheered, playfully.

-"You cheeky lil' man!", I screamed once I was out.

Thankfully we weren't bothering people by the noise, since there was already music and people talking around the pool. It was nice!

-"Try to get me!", he said, and dived in the water.

I did the same, but it was almost impossible to reach him. He was damn fast.

I was swimming under the water with my fingers around my nose and my eyes closed. Like the old times when we were scared of the water coming in our nose and eyes.

I went out of the water and found Harry laughing and coming forward.

-"What are you laughing at?!", I said.

-"You are so cute, I was swimming that way and you were swimming the opposite way with your fingers on your nose and your eyes closed", Harry said.

-"Stop it", I said, pouting my lips.

-"Aw I'm sorry... You are just adorable", he said.

I giggled.

-"Um, hi", someone said from the back and patting my shoulder.

I turned around and saw a tan woman with a pretty smile, holding a gorgeous baby.

-"Hi", I said.

-"Jade, do you remember me?", she asked.

I frowned my eyebrows and bit my lip.

-"Uh...", I tried to clear my mind.

She's too nice, so obviously she isn't a school friend.

...or is she?

-"...M-Maya Ray?", I asked.

She nodded her head, and smiled at me with a smile full of simpathy.

{Flashback: high school}

I stayed after school at my Spanish class (since I had stuff to order for next week).

-"Jade?", someone said.

-"Maya", I said, surprised.

-"What are you doing here, school is over", she said.

-"I know, I was just ordering stuff and getting notebooks ready for next week. Um, how about you?", I said.

-"Oh... Same", she said.

-"Really? You?", I asked surprised. That's impossible okay, Maya is not that type of human who organizes stuff.

-"Jade. I can't believe what I'm about to say but... I'm here because I'm pregnant", she said.

-"I know you're pregnant Maya. Everyone knows", I said.

-"You don't know who the father is", she said.

-"Allen Gray", I said.

-"No.... Please, do not tell anyone.", she said, grabbing my hands.

-"I won't tell anyone, whats wrong", I asked.

-"The father is... Mariano Torres (Mr.Torres)", she said, sobbing.

-"Oh my God... Maya, why are you telling... Me?", I asked.

-"Because I've got no friends, I needed to tell someone.", she said.

-"Maya, I'm sorry about that", I said.

-"It's okay now... Please do not tell anyone", she said.

{Flashback over}

-"Oh my God. Hi", I said, just wrapping her into a warm hug.

-"How are you, Jade? You look stunning", she said.

-"Why thank you... You look amazing too", I said.

-"Thanks! I have seen you perform on TV... I had no idea you were so talented", she said.

-"Thank you Maya", I said.

-"Hi Harry, look at you!", she said looking up and down at my man.

-"Hi", he said, smiling and giving her a hug.

Probably Harry knows her too. The "school bitch". I feel sorry for her...

Then I looked at the baby that probably was only a year and a few months old.

-"Who is this princess?", I asked.

-"She's my babygirl Michelle, but we call her Mitzy", she said, looking at the brunette baby with blue eyes.

-"How adorable is she", I said, gently caressing the baby's soft hair.

-"What brings you here?", Harry asked politely, smiling at the baby and letting the babe wrap her small, dainty fingers around Harry's index one.

-"My husband has some friends that know the owner of this place, so he can get a free entrance for us", she said.

-"Your husband... Mr. Torres?", I asked.

-"I'm Mrs. Torres", she said.

I smiled widely at the thought of Mr. Torres being a good father. Fortunately, he didn't leave the woman alone like other bad men.

-"It's so nice talking to you again Jade", she said, grabbing my hand.

-"Same", I said, smiling at her.

We exchanged more smiles and Harry couldn't leave his eyes away from Mitzy.

-"She's so lovely", he said.

-"Thank you", Maya said, giggling.

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