The week went by quickly, and the time I had spent with Harry was amazing. I took the oportunity to ask him a few questions before he left, fortunately.

-"So, remember that day... You said you had never used that much energy for... Ugh, nevermind", I said, brushing it off.

-"No, no. Just ask", he said, not making eye contact.

-"How many girls have you slept with before? And who?", I asked.

-"Oh. Listen Jade, it meant nothing. What really means right now is you. You, you, and only you.", he stated.

-"So, are you going to answer my questions?", I asked. He sighed and scratched his arm.

-"Sorry, what were your questions?", he asked.

-"Harry", I groaned.

-"Yeah, okay, okay! I have... I slept with some girls", he said.

-"Straight to the point please. I just want to know, I won't get jealous okay?", I assured him. He sighed once again and nodded.

-"I have slept with eleven girls", he said, making me spit the smoothie I was drinking back into the cup.

-"How old were you?!", I asked.

-"The first time was when I was 16, but I have changed and you know it!", he fought back.

-"When I was 16 I was pushed around, while you were pushing your damn crotch into a girl's ass. Wonderful!", I hysterically waved my hands in the air.

 -"If I had known, I would have been there to stop it. I am so sorry that I was not in your school at that moment.", he huffed, crossing his arms. Thankfully, we were arguing in the apartment and not elsewhere.

-"Don't get sassy on me Harry", I demanded.

-"I'm sorry mum", he said, rolling his eyes.

-"Do you still have leftover condoms? Or did you waste them all by fucking those bitches at school?", I said.

-"What the hell do you mean with that", he said

-"Oh, just wanted to know. If you have one, put it on as a hat. If you are going to be a dick, dress like one", I spat, making his eyebrows narrow.

-"You told me to tell you the truth, and I am telling you the truth. I stopped being such a jerk when I saw you, which was two years before we got out of school", he greeted through his teeth.

-"So you are saying that when you humiliated me infront of almost the whole school by fake-rejecting me for prom, you were not being a jerk?", I said, crossing my arms too.

-"I said I was sorry for that! Jade, you cannot live in the past. Of course, you need to consider the past and have it as a memory and lesson, but not something that still haunts your daily life", he said, him voice softening. I stayed quiet for a while and unfolded my arms, grabbing the cup and sipping a little bit more of my smoothie.

-"You're right. I'm sorry for overreacting", I said.

-"It's okay. Come here", he said, opening his arms for me to sit on his lap. Well, this hell of a discussion did change fastly.

-"But can you please tell me who they were?", I asked, pouting and poking his chin.

-"So we can start arguing again? Nope", he said.

-"I won't argue, I promise. Tell me who they were, and hoow it all was", I mumbled.

-"Ah, okay... I first of all lost my virginity to Sylvia, the daughter of my mum's friend's friend.", he explained. I had to think about it for a good while before I nodded my head.

-"How did that happen?", I chuckled.

-"No idea. I just know it was horrible because she was so bossy and weird about it all", he said.

-"You know what? Don't tell me anything anymore. This is so awkward", I said.

-"Okay", he yelped, taking a sip of my smoothie.

I snuggled into his chest and hugged him, his arms around me. He planted a kiss on my head, and started to rub that spot.

-"Uh, I think I got a smoothie stain on your head", he giggled.

-"It doesn't matter, as long as it came from you... Clean it though", I laughed. He chuckled and rubbed my head again.

-"So... Do you still want me to put a condom on my head?", he asked.

-"I'd crack up if you did.

And that afternoon, after I came back from the pet hotel (to visit Poopie and Pearl) he was waiting for me on the couch wearing a condom as a hat.

-"HARRY WHAT", I shrieked, throwing my bag at him. He laughed loudly and slipped the thing away from his head.

-"It took me some time for this", he admitted, massaging his temples and letting me fall beside him on the couch.,

-"You are so weird, that's why I adore you so much", I said, giving him a kiss on his cheek. 

My phone got a notification. and I saw that it was a text from Stuart.

to Jade - guuuuueeess what Jade! Eve said she actually wants to go out with meh!-

to Stuart- Eve? Who's Eve? What happened with Celinne? Bish wheeeeeet-

to Jade- Uhhhhh-

to Stuart- Uhhhhh?-

-"Who are you texting?", Harry asked. I showed him and he frowned.

-"We are talking about his relationships Hazza. No worries", I said.

-"What if he is trying to make you jealous? You can't trust him", he said.

-"No Hazz", I told him.

to Jade- Can you come to the park?-

to Stuart- The bf is here, sorry! What the hell is going onnnn-

to Jade- I lied to you about Celinne. It was all a lie-

I gasped and made a confused gesture.

-"I told you! You can't trust him", Harry said after I showed him the text.

to Stuart- Harry is leaving tomorrow. Meet me up at the park after lunch?-

After a moment I got a k from Stuart and started to think of the possibilities. What did he lie to me about? Damn it.

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