Hello :) You should wonder why I'm not starting this with a heart. You see, this chapter is called "Joke"?


Gotcha :9

Anyway, there's a little something I wanted to tell ya :)

OMG PEOPLE I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE COMMENTS! Seriously, I can't thank you enough for the votes and the commeeeents *virtually koala hugging you*.

So I see most of your favourite character SO FAR is Leeeigh :3

And there was one comment saying that they would get help from Lou and Honey Boo Boos mum to make Tasha a pancake. You're a crazy, scary weirdo. That's why I love you <3 (She said she would kill Tasha by telling her there was candy in the van)

I loved the way all of you wanted to kill Tasha :D with an iron bat, stabbing her, whatevs.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say.

I can't thank you enough <3

Bye lovely poops


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