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-"Are you sure?", Leigh-Anne asked Jesy.

-"Wooh. Yes, I am.", she said, nervous.

Leigh already asked Dylan if he could go to prom with her. He said yes!

Well, of course he did. Leigh is amazing.

-"Okay, go", I said, smiling.

-"Ay... I'm so scared", Jesy said, comming back to us.

-"Come on, you can do it!", Perrie said.

-"I'm not sure about this", Jesy insisted.

-"Ugh come on", I said, grabbing her wrist.

I carried her to where the kiosko guy was.

-"Hey", he said, shining out his perfect teeth.

-"Jesy has something to tell you", I said while Jesy sent me a deadly look.

-"We'll be in our secret place", I whispered.


When Jesy came back, she looked sad. Please, don't tell me he rejected her.

-"Jesy, what's wrong?", Perrie asked.

-"He... He s-said...", Jesy started.

-"Jesy, I'm so sorry", Leigh-Anne said.

-"He... said... YES!", Jesy said. I knew it! She pretended to be sad!

-"Yaaaay!!!!!", we all squealed.

-"Okay Perrie, it's your turn", we said.

-"I really don't want to...", she protested.

-"We are all going to do it", I said. Ugh, I also really don't want to.

We finally convinced Perrie to do it.

-"Hi Zayn", Perrie said. We were hiding at the back.

-"Hello", he smiled.

-"Um... Are you going to prom with anyone?", she asked.

-"Nope... A few girls have asked me out already though", he said.

-"Well... I was thinking... Wouldyouliketogotopromwithme?", Perrie said. *virtual facepalm*

-"Sorry?", he said.

-"Uh, I said... Would you like to go to prom with me?", Perrie blushed.

-"Sure", Zayn smiled. THIS IS GREAT!

-"Thank you. I mean, see you there", Perrie said, with a wide smile.

It's my turn now.

-"Look! Harry's right there. Go head Jade", Leigh said.

I nodded. I slowly walked to him.

-"Hi Harry", I said.

-"Hi", he said.

Let's do it.

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