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I rolled out and stretched.

They were probably sitting on the living room now.

I sat on his bed and yawned.

I was sleepy. I hadn't slept so deeply.

-"Should I sleep here?", I whispered to myself.

-"No. That would be absolutely awkward and uncomfortable.", I sighed.

Am I really talking to myself?

I grabbed my phone and started to play an app I had recently downloaded: Flappy Bird.

-"I hope we make it this time, Flappy Bitch", I comfronted. My record was 22, and I knew I could do better.

I tried as hard as I could to keep it low. My whimpers and groans were probably loud, so I slid under the bed again.

I tapped on the screen and the bird flew upwards, but maybe too high because it bumped onto one of the green tubes and crashed against the floor. I threw my phone across the floor and huffed.

-"At least they should make this game a bit more possible", I said.

I stepped a foot out of the bed and the door swung open.

I quickly swooped my foot back in and covered my mouth with my hands.

-"My phooooone", I thought.

-"Are you keeping your closet clean?", Aunt Laynie said, smacking Stuart's face with the closet door ( or that's what I think, considering the loud bump and Stuart's shriek)

-"Sorry darling. You shouldn't have stood there like a dork", she said.

-"Hm... Nice and clean. Fresh and tidy", she said.

That's probably the reason why Stuart didn't want me to be in the closet.

-"Yeah", he groaned.

Suddenly, a phone started to ring and for a second I thought it was mine and almost suffered a heart attack, but reminded myself that my ringtone was another one.

-"Hello?", Stuart's aunt said.

I was able to hear voices through the phone.

-"Mel, for God's sake! I already told you I left it on the cabinet next to the shelf!", I heard her say.

After hearing groans and roars from the other side of the phone, Aunt Laynie sighed.

-"I'll be right there. Lazy pain in the ass", she finally said, whispering the last sentence.

-"Your uncle Mel can't find his stuff again. I'll be back some other day, alright?", she said.

-"You're welcome to come any day Laynie", Nelly told her sister.

-"Oh thank you, Nelly.", she said.

-"Let me give you a kiss little fart-poop.", she sang, and I heard a wet kiss.

-"Bye honey", she said. They were strolling out of Stuart's room.

-"Have a nice day Aunt Laynie, say hello to Uncle Mel", Stuart said. I heard the door opening.

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