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-"Jesy!", I said.

-"Over here!", she said, waving her hand.

-"Hello", I said, leaning tired on the locker beside hers.

-"Hi, are you alright?", she asked.

-"Yeh, yeh.. A bit tired, that's it", I said.

-"Move out of my locker, weirdo", Stephanie said. She's just another one of those who bother me.

Who am I kidding, everyone bullies me except for Jesy and some unknowns.

-"I'm sorry", I apologized. She rolled her eyes and waved her hands spelling "move away".

-"I hate her", Jesy whispered, rolling her eyes.

-"Me too, believe me.", I said, and we walked to our next class: Art.

-"Sit down everybody. Good morning", our teacher, Mrs. Scottie, said.

I was sitting beside Sean, another stupid guy who copied me in every single quiz.

-"Good morning Mrs. Scottie", we all said.

-"Take your pencils out. Each of you are going to make a sketch of your partners beside you. When you are done, don't show it to your partner. You've got the whole class to work on it, give it the best of your efforts. ", Mrs. Scottie said.

I took my pencil, eraser and sketch book out and moved my eyes to Sean's face.

Whoa. I've never noticed how ugly he was.

-"This is going to be hard", I whispered as loud as he could hear.

-"What did you say, worthless bitch?", he said. Meh, I'm used to it.

-"Nothing, now look at me, let me draw you.", I said.

-"Fine", he said, quickly taking his stuff out. Then he scanned my face.

-"Holly shit, you're so horrible!", he laughed. Ouch, that hurt.

-"Sean, stop that!", Mrs. Scottie shouted. Everyone giggled.

-"It's true!", he said, showing my face with his hands.

-"Stop it, please", I said. I could feel everyone looking at me, laughing. I saw Jesy on the corner of my eye.

-"Stop it! You're hurting her feelings can't you see?", Jesy said.

-"Oh my God, I'm so scared!", Sean squealed.

-"Sean! Shut up now!", Mrs. Scottie snapped. Everyone stared at her, quiet.

-"Everyone, keep on working. Sean, you say one word more and off you go to my office. You know how I get when I'm mad.", she sharply said, breathing heavily.

I started working on my sketch. Ugh, I completely do not want to draw HIS face.

-"Are you all done?", Mrs. Scottie said after a while.

-"Yes", we all said in unison. My sketch was better than how I thought it would be.

Jesy is lucky, she had to make a drawing of Perrie, the quiet, pretty girl who sits in the front and is good at studying. They don't bully her because she is new. All the boys have a crush on her, but they hate showing it.

-"Come up and show them out", Mrs. Scottie said. She started from the front row.

The first couple was Perrie and Jesy. Jesy has always been a great artist. I don't know about Perrie.

-"That is so pretty! Thank you!", Jesy said, looking at Perrie's sketch.

Wow. To be honest, that sketch looks completely real.

Then Jesy showed hers to Perrie. Equally fantastic. Two artists were together!

-"Thank you so much, this is perfect", Perrie said, admiring the drawing.

After all of the students on the front row went up, it was our turn.

-"Show us what you did", Mrs. Scottie said.

We both showed our drawings.






He drew me so horribly! Horrible hair, horrible nose, horrible teeth.

Everyone laughed. I was feeling sick.

-"Thank you Jade! This drawing is cool! Here you go. My beautiful sketch, I gave so much effort to it!", he lied. How can he do this?!

I left my sketch book on the floor and ran outside and into the toilets.

-"Jade?", Jesy said, coming in. I didn't reply. Actually, I couldn't reply. I was sobbing so hard.

-"Jade, open the door", she said while she knocked on the door.

-"Were you cutting again?", she said, when I came out of the stall.

-"Yeah.. I just..", I sobbed. She wrapped her arms around me in a motherly way.

-"Shh, nay, nay.... It's okay, he's at Mrs. Scottie's office", she smiled. I smiled back.


School was over and I was waiting for Jesy at the gate (while everyone yelled nasty things at me, obviously).

-"Hey", Jesy said. Perrie was beside her.

-"Hi", I smiled.

-"I brought Perrie with us. She's a really cool person after you meet her", she said, whispering the last sentence.

-"Three geeks! Baaahahahha!!!!!!", a group of girls laughed.

-"Let's go", I rolled my eyes and started walking. I was feeling awkward now. Silence between us..

-"Oh, you both don't know each other do you?", Jesy said, breaking the silence.

-"I know you, Jade Thirlwall, am I right?", she smiled. Of course she knows me, I'm the school nerd.

-"Yup, and you're Perrie", I said, making that sound more like a question. I seriously don't know much about her.

-"Yes, Perrie Edwards", she said.

-"That's a really cute name", I giggled.

-"Thank you", she smiled, making her white skin blush.

-"So, where are we going today?", Jesy asked.

-"Let's go to my house", I suggested. They agreed.

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