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I got to know the boys: Niall Horan, the funny one who speaks laughing. Liam Payne, the well mannered one who speaks fast. Zayn Malik, Perrie's ex (how I wish they were back together urrrghhh). Louis Tomlinson, the crazy one who doesn't speak and instead, he screams.

-"Let's go somewhere and celebrate the we-got-through ,yay!", Liam said.

-"How about we go to an amusement park?", I suggested.

-"Great idea! I drive, leggooooo!!!", Louis said, already sitting down on his car.


-"Let's get on the biggest one!", Harry said.

-"I pass", Niall said.

-"Ay come on mama's baby!", Louis said.

-"No...", he muttered.

-"Niall, or you get on the roller or you go to the haunted house", Liam said.

Wow, Zayn has been quiet the whole time.

-"Fine", he muffed.

-"Um, guys..", I said.

-"What's wrong?", Harry asked.

-"I'm not good at riding roller coasters", I said.

-"I'll go with you Jade", Harry said.

-"Uuuuurrrmmmmffff", I groaned.

-"Please?", Harry said, making puppy eyes.

-"Okay... Okaaaaay...", I said.

The line was long. We waited for like a year to get there.

-"Finally!", Louis said.

We got on the cart; three sits on the front and three sits at the back.

I sat behind between Zayn and Harry while Louis, Liam and Niall sat at the back (Niall was pooping his pants. Me too).

-"Here we gooo!!!", Louis said.

Zayn was motionless.

-"Liam! Sing while we go down the roller coaster!", Harry said.

-"Okay!", he said.

The cart went up and up and up and up and up and

-"AAAAAAH!!!!", we all yelled.

-"CRYYYY MEEEE A RIVAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!", Liam sang/yelled.

-"I'M PEEING A RIVAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!", Niall cried. We all laughed

-"Woop!", we said when the cart roughly turned.

-"THIIIISSS IIIISSS AAWESOO-blagh!", Louis said.

I saw Louis swallow a bug.

{The bug's (his name is Frank) POV}

I was flying around watching these yucky humans scream while they were riding some type of shafalafa (it means "train" in Buglandia).

I tried to take a closer look.

So I got closer!

And all of a sudden...

BAM! I'm in a sticky, wet tunel.

{Jade's POV}

-"Louis are you okay?!", I said.

-"GYAAAAAAAAH!", he said. Then I saw the bug fly away from his mouth.


Then, all of a sudden, the cart stopped in the middle of the ride.

-"Um...", Harry said.

-"Oh shit WE'RE TRAPPED!", Niall said.

-"Niall calm down don't shake the cart!", Liam said.

-"I'm not shaking the cart!", he said, shaking the cart.

-"Everyone calm down!", Zayn said.

-"Zayn you're speaking!", I said. He glanced at me with a WTF face.

-"Zayn I've seen you all day so upset you alright lad?", Harry said.

-"Yeah", he said.

-"Zayn is it Perrie?", I whispered.

-"...Yeah", he whispered.

-"I'm sorry man", Liam said.

-"Aaah... By the way, we're going to be trapped in here for 30 minutes", Zayn said, covering his face with his hands.

-"How do you know?", Niall asked.

-"They just announced it", he said, pointing down.

I saw from far away a woman holding a megaphone saying we'll probably be getting down from the ride in 30 sucky minutes.


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