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♥Well hello humans and lady gagas :)

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I unlocked my door and entered my house.

-"You are beautiful, no matter what they say", I hummed.

-"Words can't bring me down, oooh", I sang, dramatically singing the oh part.

I hummed along and wandered around the house.

I opened the doors to the visitor rooms and scanned through the neat beds.

One of them used to be my room when we first got here.

I remember Harry and I argued about who was getting the big room.

I won the argument and I got him to sleep in the main room because he bought the apartment.

I smiled at the memories and decided to clean-storm the house from floor to ceiling.

I put on some Elvis Presley music (one of some old discs Harry had in his drawer) and swayed my hips to the rythm.

I picked up the vacuum, a mop and an old piece of cloth and started to dance and spin to the music.

I put on an apron to add it a little more of a Broadway style and sang loudly.

-"Yeah!", I cheered.

I wiped off the smudges on the mini-table and shelves. I mopped the floor and dusted the furnitures.

-"Well, that's alright now mama, anyway you do!", I histerically sang.

Then I heard a knock on the door.

I covered my mouth and started to giggle.

-"Who is it?", I asked, stopping the music.

-"Stuart!", he said.

I took the rubber gloves off and left the vacuum on the floor.

-"Hello", I said, opening the door.

-"Hi", he smiled.

-"What brings you here?", I asked.

-"Just wanted to see if you were bored or something, but I see you're a bit busy", he chuckled nervoudly while rubbing the back of his neck.

-"Oh, I'm done. I was just cleaning you know", I said, passing my tongue through my upper teeth because of the awkwardness.

-"Yeah, but I'm leaving anyway. I don't want to bother or anything", he said.

-"Oh come on, you came already", I said, pulling him in and closing the door.

I took my apron off and put away the cleaning tools.

-"Take a sit on my massively clean sofa", I said.

-"Thanks", he said, smiling at me.

-"Do you want something to drink?", I asked.

-"Sure", he said.

-"I have lemonade, beer, water, soda and ham", I offered, scanning through the fridge.

-"Ham?", he asked.

-"What? Oh, I mean.. Oops", I giggled.

-"I'll just have water", he chuckled.

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