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-"We are so ready.", Perrie said, leaning back onto the chair.

-"Yes, we are going to win with this", Jesy said.

-"I hope so", I said.

-"You see Pocahontas? We did it", Perrie said.

-"Yes, I was nervous....", Leigh said.

-"We understand darling", Jesy said.

We stayed silent untill Perrie sighed.

-"Is everything alright?", Leigh asked.

-"I don't know...", Perrie groaned.

-"What's your concern Pezz? We reheased so much and I think we are ready", I said.

-"Zayn is going on tour really soon", she said.

-"Oh... right. Harry is too, I'll miss him a lot... Actually, I'm not sure what I will do without him", I said.

-"Aw... But are they going to be here for the last performance?", Leigh asked.

-"Thankfully", I said. Perrie nodded.

-"I'll miss him", I said, playing with the ring I never took off (except for the pool).

-"I love your ring", Perrie said, smiling.

-"I love yours, they are lovely", I said, touching the little shiny diamonds that Perrie had around her dainty finger.

There was silence.

-"Do you remember Maya Ray?", I suddenly asked them.

They looked up at me.

-"Sure we do", Jesy said.

-"Well... I saw her yesterday", I said.

Leigh almost spit the water she had been drinking, and she covered her mouth for that.

-"How?!", Perrie asked, or screamed.

-"She was at the pool I told you about... With her baby daughter and Mr. Torres", I said.

Leigh spit some water this time, making us giggle.

-"So the baby was born?!", Jesy frowned.

-"Yeah", I said, making that sound more like a question.

-"How is the baby oh my goodness", Leigh finally said, almost choking with her own breath.

-"She is absolutely adorable. Her name is Michelle and they call her Mitzy", I said.

-"What does she look like?", Perrie asked.

-"Mitzy has straight, brunette hair... She is a bit pale and has blue eyes. Pretty much looks like a gorgeous vampire babe", I said.

-"Aw.... But is Maya nice?", Jesy asked.

-"Oh yes. She has changed so much, she was so sweet with me and she apologized for what she told me in highschool", I said.

-"That's great", Leigh said.

-"Yeh, absolutely", I agreed.

-"Well how's Mr. Torres? still looking young and handsome?", Perrie teased.

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