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-"Thank you so much for coming... I really wouldn't mind if you stayed", I told Anne. She nodded.

-"I would hate to disturb a beautiful couple like you" she said.

-"Mum you are not disturbing" Harry said. I nodded.

-"No, I have to go. I'm going to see your aunt Harry" Anne said, smiling at us.

We said goodbye and we were now alone.

-"So babygirl" Harry said.

-"So", I said, smiling. I looked at him, and noticed over his shoulder the shelf full of albums (with pictures).

-"Oh my God, look Harry", I said, picking up the highschool photo album.

-"Wow" he said.

I opened the first page. It had pictures of the whole years, and pictures of events.

Nearly all of the pictures had Harry in it. Only one out of ten had me, but as an extra to be precise.

-"Look", I said, pointing at a picture in which Tasha was crying because of not getting crowned as the "best outfit day queen".

-"Haha", he laughed. I smiled at him.

-"Did you ever feel anything for Tasha before?", I asked him. He looked back at me, with a weird look.

-"No", he said.

-"Be honest pretty boy. Did you ever feel anything for her?" I asked again.

-"I felt hate for her", he said.

-"Really? You never felt anything for her? Such as... Love or simpathy?", I asked.

-"No no no and never.", he said.

-"Who will be your babygirl forever?" I asked.

-"You", he said. We were turning out all cheesy now.

-"Really?", I said.

-"Yes, really", he said.

-"How can you prove it?", I asked.

He smiled at me, leaned closer and kissed me.

After five seconds, we made distance and were now leaning on eachother's foreheads. I was admiring his incredibly pure eyes.

He was admiring mine.

-"Did I prove it right?", Harry said.

-"Yes", I said.

-"Wait", he said, making distance and flipping the pages of the album.

-"What are you lookin for?", I asked.

-"This!", he said, excited, looking at Tasha's picture. I looked at him confused.

-"Come with me", Harry said, grabbing my hand.

We walked in the kitchen and Harry grabbed some matches. He let go my hand and lightened up a match.

-"Bye Tasha, and never come back to our lives!", he said, burning up the picture.

We stared at eachother. I stood on my toes, since Harry was too tall, and kissed his lower lip.

-"You are so tall!", I laughed.

-"You are so cute!", he smiled, lifting me up by my thighs.

-"I love you", he said.

-"I love you", I said.

I started caressing his curls and tangling my fingers into his head.

He smiled at me.

I smiled back at him.

Suddenly, I heard the doorbell.

-"I'll go", I said, awkwardly climbing down from Harry.

-"Hello", I said, and saw Joe standing there. I got really surprised!

-"What the f-", and suddenly he grabbed me and I felt a huge pain on my head.

Then, all black.

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