Heeeey everyone and everytwo.

I am writing this short little thing just to tell you all something (or one person in specific really) ^-^

So I spoke to someone through kik and she said I made a terrible mistake for writing something on the chapter "Suicide".

I would just like to ask you, did I write "But why didn't you try to commit suicide?" or "But why did you try to commit suicide?" on the part in which Jade asks this to Tasha?

Please let me know if you realized.

I never changed anything, okay?

And guys, I know at the beginning of this story I started writing like an absolute carrot.

What do you want me to do really? Everyone was a carrot at those times! :p

Anyway, I reaaally hope you are all enjoying your hollidays.

Any complains or anything you want to talk about, please kik me: LittleMix1Dddl

thanksss for your time xo

-HappyDrunkBEYONCENiall :3

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