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-"Wakey wakey Jadey", Perrie said. I crack opened my eyes and found myself on the sofa covered with a fuzzy blanket.

-"Oh, I fell asleep here...", I groaned.

-"Yes, I'm sorry I didn't take you to a descent bed", Perrie said.

-"It's alright Pez I slept really well... The couch is so comfy!", I said. Then I looked at Harry who was snoring at the back.

-"Oh Harry! I'm so ashamed", I sighed.

-"It's alright Pickle, Zayn looks just like that", she said.

I stood up and walked towards Harry who had Poopey sleeping on his big feet.

-"Harry wake up", I said.

He woke up and opened his red, sleepless-looking eyes.

-"Oh God.... Why", he said. covering his eyes and waking Poopey up.

-"You were snoring", I said.

-"I'm exhausted... Jade I'm sorry", he said.

-"I think we should go home now", I said, pulling Harry up.

-"Yes", he said with his sexy, raspy morning voice.

We got ready and thanked Perrie.

-"Bye Perrie, thank you again", I said.

-"My pleasure, come again whenever you want!", Perrie said.

Harry thanked and apologized and we were on our way to our flat.

We took a taxi and Harry started to cough.

-"Harry are you okay?", I asked him.

-"Yeh", he said, coughing more.

Is it just me, or...

Is that the smell of a burning cigarette?

-"Harry, do you smell that?", I asked.

He ignored me.

-"Harry", I said.

-"Jade, I need to tell you something", he said.

-"What", I asked.

-"I smoked yesterday", he said.

-"Harry?!", I said.

-"Zayn told me to try one and we were drunk...", he said, coughing.

-"I'm angry, you should know that", I said.

-"I know... I'm such a terrible man", he said.

-"Yes you are", I said.

-"I'm sorry Jade, really sorry please Jade", Harry said.

-"Why do you have to drink so much alcohol when you know you shouldn't?", I said, nearly breaking into tears.

-"I'm sorry Jade I love you I would never do such a thing again... I made a mistake and I recognize it", he said.

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