It's been two years. Two years since Little Mix had won the X Factor.

It's been three years. Three years since my husband, Harry Styles, had become part of his band.

It's been four years. Four years since I have gotten out of school.

And it's been years and years since I have been who I am.

-"Come here, my love", Harry said, sitting down beside me on the couch and pulling me onto his chest.

The house was a mess. The new house, actually. As promised, we had moved out after our wedding.

Oh, the wedding was wonderful! Everyone came, including Stuart and his girlfriend Eve. Even Sam, my silly ex, with his fiancee Chloe, Tasha... And Joe. I guess everyone changes at the end.

My beautiful girls; Jesy, Leigh and Perrie looked gorgeous in their dainty dresses. They were there, supporting me like they always did.

Oh my! Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis looked astonishingly handsome in their suits and bowties.

They sang for us too. They sang beautifully, captivating all of our families.

My mum, specially. She was crying all day long. You cannot imagine how proud she was of how strong and unique I had grown up to be. I'm still growing.

Anne looked beautiful. She gave Harry millions of kisses, it was absolutely adorable. And Gemma, Harry's sister! Gosh, my dream has always been to have such a partner. She is fantastic, very humorous and, not to mention, pretty.

And my Harry! He looked so nice in that suit! And his hair, my goodness. I had to force myself to stop drooling over him.

The wedding was perfection itself. My dress was great, my curls were bouncing behind me whenever I made a step.

Do I have to go on? I guess I already gave you an image.

Well, after that, we were driven to our new house, which was located next to a beach. I was carried into our home in ease by my babyboy. Have we always been this cheesy? Giving eachother pet names?

Oh, talking about pets. Poopey and Pearl, they are so big and chubby.

Apparently, big baby Poopey will never lose his energy. Wagging his tail non stop, sticking out his tongue to give us a wet kiss everyday.

Pearl? She never showed energy, like every cat. Slowly swaying her tail from side to side, being a cuddle-lover 24/7.

-"What's making you smile so broadly, babe?", Harry asked. I shrugged, giggling a bit.

-"The fact I'm just... Very happy", I admitted.

-"I love you a lot", he said, which I responded to equally.

-"Let's unpack our last things", he suggested, giving me a last squeeze and planting a kiss on my head.

He got up, letting me get a sweet view of his fine ass. I chuckled softly, shuffling towards the window. What did I see? Sand and water.

Things have changed. Even the view that my window presents.

Everything and everyone has grown.

I can still remember the constant thoughts I used to have.

I used to think that leaving this beautiful world, this great life, was the sollution.

It is a permanent sollution to a temporary feeling.

At the end, it's the past we learn from. Life goes on and not all emotions stay.

I still wonder what would have happened if I had quit. Would Harry or my friends be happy? parents, perhaps, be together?

The thought itself made me anxious. I actually used to think of dying. The reason? I hated being me, myself.

But I have grown and learned that I have to be myself, because everyone else is taken.

They might be smart.

They might be talented.

They might be pretty.

They might be fit.

They might be popular.

They might be loved.

But they will never be me.

We are who we are, and that's what makes us happy in the end.

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