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-"Hi Jade, g'day", Tasha said.


-"Haa!", I gasped, getting up from my bed.

-"It's okay, you are in safe hands", Tasha said, serious. Safe hands?! What the heck?!?!

-"Save that!", I said, punching her flat dainty face and getting off the bed.

-"Jade! Please let me explain?", she said, touching her hurt areas of her face.

-"No, let me out", I said in an ironic tone.


-"Jade listen to me. There is someone bad.", she said.

-"Look who's talking!", I spatted.

-"Jade! I am here to protect you!", Tasha screamed.

-"Protect me?! You hurt me through highschool, ruined my bestfriend's life and even tried to take away my boyfriend. Now you come up saying you wanted to protect me?!", I squealed.

-"Jade, you are in peril. I am trying to protect you from Joe", Tasha said, almost whispering.

-"What... Do you mean...", I hesitated.

-"You know he is your stalker", Tasha said.

-"Yes", I said.

-"You know he has something big planned", she said.

-"No", I said.

-"Well he does. And it is terrible. I am acting like a psycho, but I am doing my best to help you Jade", she said.

-"Tasha I am not that foolish little muffin anymore. I know you will somehow destroy my life again.", I said.

-"Sorry for all that Jade I am so sorry I really beg! I took a hard look at my life now", Tasha said.

-"Why do you act like a psycho", I said.

-"Because that is the only way I can fool Joe", Tasha said.

-"Why do you want to help me!", I protested.

-"Because he has hurt me before! I always win. And this time, I HAVE to win. I promised myself I would never let Joe hurt anyone else. He has serious mental problems!", she screamed. She was almost crying.

I was confused now.

-"Can I go back with Harry?", I said, touching the back of my head that still hurt.

-"...... Go now, call Harry, take your dog, lock the doors and go away", Tasha said.

-"You're scaring me", I said.

-"Hurry!", she said, scared.

I ran out and opened the department door.

I quickly ran up the stairs (since the elevator was as slow as a growing sea turtle) and knocked on the apartment door.

-"Thank God Jade, you are fine!", Harry said, hugging me.

-"I'll explain Harry, now get Poopey we have to leave", I said. He said nothing, took Poopey, put his old brown boots on, passed me my phone and a pair of shoes and closed the door.

-"Lock the door Haz", I said.

He immediately locked it.

What I love about him is that he is simple. He doesn't complicate things up and ask for answers.

-"Explain everything to me okay?", Harry said. I nodded.

He grabbed my hand once we were off the slow-ass elevator.

Poopey was staring at us like "HAI" and we were speeding up to get a taxi.

-"Bingo", Harry said, when we saw an empty taxi heading right to our way.

The car stopped and we were now in the car.

-"Where are we going?", Harry asked.

-"Let's go to Perrie's", I said. She lived closer to us.

I told the driver the adress and I sighed of relief.

-"Now tell me what's happening", Harry asked.

I explained everything to him. He doubted at first.

-"If you say so then I'll have to agree", he said.

I smiled at him and hugged his neck.

-"Thank you... I love you", I said.

-"Love you more, love", he said.

We arrived to the apartment and went up to Perrie's flat.

-"Hi", Perrie said, surprised, opening the door.

-"Hi Perrie", I said.

-"What's happening? Please come in!", she said.

-"Thanks", I said. We heard an annoying little cute bark coming from the living room.

-"Hatchi, look! A friend!", Perrie said, talking to her squirrel-like puppy whilst pointing at Poopey.

{Poopey's POV}

Why is Jade looking at that Hatchi thing over there with such adoration?

I am more adorable than THAT thing!

{Hatchi's POV}

Lawl em zo kewt>.

{Jade's POV}

Both puppies are so cute!

They should marry and make a gay couple!!

Ok no.

-"Tell me what happened", Perrie said, as we sat on the sofa.

-"Well. Tasha Hanks is back, and apparently she is here to protect me from Joe. Remember him? My stalker?", I told Perrie.

-"And are you going to believe her?", Perrie asked, looking at me like as if I was an idiot.

-"He hurt her as well... And she told me to run away now, so I'm here", I said.

-"You need to be careful Jade", she said, concerned, grabbing my hand.

-"Thank you", I said.

-"Should I call Jesy and Leigh?", Perrie asked.

-"Okay... That would be good", I said.

She stood up and went to her room to get her phone.

I sunk into the sofa, and Harry grabbed my hand.

-"What will you do when you become famous? Your life is complicated now, and in the future it will be even more", Harry said.

I just closed my eyes.

-"But it's alright, I will be here for you. Always", Harry said.

I smiled at him.

Then the doorbell rang.

-"Who is it?", Perrie said.

-"Open the door", a male voice said.

It sounded like...

Holy cow!

I think Joe found me!

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