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-"You sure?", Harry asked.

-"Yeah, I'm fine. My headache and chest ache are gone", I reassured him.

He nodded and pulled a strand of hair from my face.

-"Good luck Jade", he said.

-"Bye Harry", I said, standing on my toes and giving him a peck.

-"See you later at the mall", he said. I nodded and smiled, closing the door.

I was on my way to the radio station. I was going to also go perform at the mall, and Harry was going to be there.

-"Hello?", I said, picking up the phone. It was Leigh.

-"We're waiting for you outside Jadey", she said.

-"Alright, I'm on my way", I said. The elevator doors opened, and I found Stuart standing there, smiling at me.

-"Hey!", he said.

-"Hi Stuart!", I said, waving at him and entering the elevator.

-"How are you doing?", he asked.

-"I'm great, you?", I asked.

-"I'm fine", he said.

I nodded and he slipped his hand into his pockets.

-"Did your boyfriend really come?", he asked.

-"How did you know?", I asked.

-"It's all over the internet and stuff", he said.

-"Oh. The privacy lacks when your boyfriend is famous", I said.

-"You're famous too", he said.

-"Not as much", I sighed.

-"Do you want to be more famous?", he asked.

-"Well, as long as I enjoy what I am doing, I guess so", I said.

-"I see. I am going to take Celinne on a date today", he said, blushing.

-"Oh, that's great!", I said. I really meant it.

That girl was perfect. Gorgeous, smart, sweet and respectful.

-"I hope you have so much fun today. Tell me how it all goes", I said.

He nodded and gave me a smile before the elevator opened and we stepped out.

[Stuart's POV]

What am I even doing? Trying to make Jade jelous?

She is the most shallow girl I've ever met (I haven't really met many girls).

Her perfection is something only the luckiest man can get. In this case, it's that famous dude with nice hair that sings in concerts and breaks hearts.

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