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♥Hai :) sorry for making you wait, really. I've been SO busy at school, I use some free time to rest and if I have extra time I write. Cuz ya know, I also have a life.

Well, to make it clear, Sara Astell died. Go back to the last chapter and look at the last words: "RIP Sara Astell".

Ah, she was a nice girl wasn't she? But good authors kill nice characters.

I sound like a weird ninja giraffe with a very bad temper who attempts to act like a psycho killer, but oh well. MUAHAHAHAA!

K, enjoy :)♥

-"Thanks for coming to this funeral", Sara's mother said.

-"She was a member of our new band.. She was a very nice girl", Perrie said.

-"Yes, I agree", we said.

-"Again, thank you. This means a lot", she said, with teary eyes.

-"Thank you for being such a kind person", Jesy said.

-"Yes, thank you", I said.

-"Thank you girls, I mean it"

-"Thank YOU", Leigh said.

After lots of 'thank-yous' and 'sodry for you loss', we left.

It was an unforgettable, devastating experience.


*After a while: in Mykolov, Greece/ Judges' Houses*

We had to rehearse.

For Sara.

We started rehearsing and Perrie got a call from someone.

-"Hello?", she said.

-"Oh, hey!", she said.

-"Yeah, she's right here do you want to speak to her?", Perrie asked.

-"Okay wait", she said, passing me the phone.

-"It's your prince", she whispered.

-"Hi curly", I said.

-"Hey babygirl, how are you?", Harry asked.

-"I'm good, you?"

-"Good", he said.

-"Why are you calling curly?", I asked him.

-"I just missed you", he said.

-"Aaaw, cheesyball I missed you too", I said.

-"Hehe I know", he said. I rolled my eyes.

-"Well we're rehearsing right now", I said.

-"How's it going?", he asked.

-"Very good actually, we're here in Greece... Ah, the view is making me shiver of how beautiful it is, it' unbelievable", I said.

-"It must be... It's cold over here", he said.

-"Aw, take care Harry", I said.

-"Yeah, you take care of yourself", he said.

-"I should get a new phone", I said.

-"Actually, I called to tell you I got one for you", he said.

-"Thank you! You really didn't have to", I said.

-"I had to babygirl", he said.

-"Jade, we have to rehearse", Leigh-Anne whispered, smiling.

-"Sure", I smiled back.

-"Harry I have to go babe", I said.

-"Okay, good luck, take care", he said.

-"Thanks, have fun love you", I said.

-"Love you more", he said.

-"Muah", I said.

-"Muah, bye", he finally said and I hung up.

-"You guys are SO cute", Jesy giggled.

-"Teehee", I squeaked.


-"Jade, are you awake?", Jesy asked.

-"Yeah, what's wrong?", I said, looking at Jesy's shadow from the dark room with a thin light from the street that squeezed between the curtains, lightening up the whole room.

-"Can I tell you something?", she whispered, trying not to wake the girls up.

-"Sure", I said.

-"Don't freak out", she said.

-"Why, what's wrong", I said, freaking out.

-"I said don't freak out Thirlwall", Jesy giggled.

-"Sorry, but what happened", I said.

-"Tasha is in Holmes Chapel", she said.

-"What?!", I said.

-"Shhh", Jesy said.

-"Why didn't you tell me before I came here so I could warn Harry?!", I said, lowering a little bit my voice.

-"I'm sorry", she said.

-"Let's talk about it tomorrow okay?", I said.

-"Okay", she said.

Oh great! Now I can't sleep. Tasha Hanks, in Holmes Chapel? Why?!


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